The beginning

I’m just starting this blog in an attempt to find some way to continue healing from the hell I just got out of (by just, I mean as it has been horribly damaging  and traumatic and not long ago) a psychologically/emotionally abusive relationship, as of approximately 2 months ago. I’m still in a home that I don’t feel safe in, though I never moved in with the person (thank god!).  This will be continued later. I am tired and have to work tomorrow. I cannot get into any details tonight. Sleep would be impossible, since I have a hard time ending a thought without completing it. With me, thoughts lead to questions, which lead to research and introspection…which lead to more thoughts! You get the picture.

Stay tuned. I hope someone will find healing with me. We can carry each other if you so choose. Keep in mind, this is my OWN journey, and I am not a licensed therapist or anything of the sort. I can only offer the knowledge that we aren’t in this alone. Someone else knows what we (I/you) have been through…and what we (I/you) might be going through at this point in time. Our experiences are our own, though more than likely share similar experiences as others. Feel free to join in as this progresses. I just might need your input, too.

Good night.


3 thoughts on “The beginning

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