sometimes youtube can be a great resource…

Hello again. I got off work tonight and for whatever reason decided to look through the documentary videos on youtube, for information on psychopathy/psychopaths. I found one posted by “jesusmalaark11”. In this documentary a psychopath agrees to be the test-subject of the documentary. It’s eye opening and vindicating for myself. For victims of psychopaths, this will be a difficult series of videos to watch. I recommend flooding yourselves with positive affirmations, smiles and laughter for a little while before chosing to watch the entire thing. I assure you, you will be glad for the time you can watch. The last 3 videos in the series were particularly good for me to see. I was able to see/hear confirmation that mine did in fact, calculatedly choose me…among other things. It’s as if someone really understands what we’ve been though. “sam”, for whatever it means for the documentary-maker, was able to get into his head. He’ll be psychologically confused and affected for some time. Good for him that he got out as soon as he recognized what was happening. Mine tried text-book brainwashing tactics, in order to “try” and manipulate me into staying with him. Watch this. you’ll be amazed. Also, you will know more than anything, you really are not alone.

I actually watched all 9 parts of this documentary. there were several times that I almost turned it off but I continued watching. I’m glad I did. I can relate to how the film-maker felt at the end of this endeavour. I still find myself questioning everything I had gone through. I understand the confusion associated with dealing with a person like “Sam”. I had a thought that I was singled out and chosen. This at least partly, confirms my fears. I believe whole-heartedly that I was dealing with a psychopath. I did learn through living with “his” taunts, lies, manipulations, and watching him as I caught his scheming… there was/is absolutely no conscience in him, and absolutely NO Empathy. It was always done with no-one watching. he was very careful about that. Welcome to why he sought to completely control what was said outside our interpersonal encounters. No-one had/has any reason to question HIS version of reality. He made his own for the rest of the world to interpret, without any question



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