Sam Vaknin

Sam was the subject of a documentary, some years ago, in which he as a self proclamed psychopath/narcissist and an ‘inigma” in doing so, allowed himself to be taped and interviewed. Sam also has several educational videos on, which are a great source for understanding the narcissist/psychopath. I am including one here that, surprisingly to me, I could identify with. It’s amazing to me when someone describes what I have been through to a “t”, because it’s still so hard for me to completely grasp. Perhaps you can relate to this, by recognizing which types of abuse you have experienced and survived. I suppose the entire reason I’m continuing to research this, is “Knowlege is Power”…and I need all I can get right now, to regain some semblance of normalicy. Sometimes I wonder if I will be stuck forever in this new life of mine. Unsure of myself, constantly looking over my shoulder now, and never completely feeling secure or safe ANYWHERE. This particular video is 12 minutes long. Again feel free to comment. Lets discuss what you have been through. Believe me, we will find strength together in our numbers…


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