gotta love this!

I chose to repost this directly from her blog, “Inside the mind of a Psychopath”… I did remove her personal message directed to her X, however. What she says is a great inspiration of strength, which I need to absorb into myself. she’s not afraid to expose him by NAME! Me, I’ve been afraid to say anything because of potential repercussions. All that has done is keep me stuck in the “fear” game. I realize that now. I’m still not calling him by name, but I am being open about my experience. Anyone who knows me, knows who it’s about. Including my “X”. He won’t say anything for fear of adhering to the guilt, which HE ALONE carries!

If you find some strength, SHARE IT!

Peace 😀


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We cannot control who we are born to. Some of us have it good and some of us do not. My entire life I’ve never considered myself a victim. Even now, having dealt with a true psychopath, I refuse to be his victim. Giving in and feeling defeat would be power in his court and I will not allow that. I am smart, educated and strong. I will survive this as I have everything else. Make no mistake, this time I will not allow myself to fall into another web of deceit. [content removed] We can control who we let into our lives. From there we can control who we let into our hearts. After devastation there is always a reflection period and then repair, healing and memory. While we never forget the chaos or turmoil, we will survive YOU. The “luckygirls” will survive. Amy Yeung was unfortunately not a luckygirl. This site is dedicated to her memory and to those who sought love and companionship and received far worse.”

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