“Toxic Shock” by Zombies du Jour

I have to appologize…i tried to reblog this directly from ‘Zombies du Jour’s site, but it only posted part of the blog. It’s so good, and I can more than relate to his post, I just know I’m not the only person who can benefit from this! Thank you for sharing your experience, ‘zombie’ :D…

This is also a tactic of mind control or brain-washing. The predator uses this tactic to keep his/her victim unsure and insecure… always being in a state or moderate or severe anxiety, waiting for the next proverbial bomb… then the honeymoon phase, which is ALWAYS short-lived, then back to the shock and eek campaign. Keeps the victim teetering on an ever disintegrating tight-rope, and open (ever so slightly) to another thought process… the predator’s. I lived this, as many of you have. Healing comes slowly…but it DOES come! I believe that. Thanks to all for your insight. I’m learning and growing stronger, day by day.

“Toxic Shock


When Narcissists are low on energy or supply, they will create a situation to make you give it to them.  They will make an accusation against you that isn’t true in order to see your face become shocked, sad, confused or anguished.  They will produce that accusation out of thin air, even though they know it’s not true, because it will cause you to give them your attention.  They will feel a rush of power because of  the emotions they alone have made you feel.

Whatever you do, don’t defend or explain yourself to them.   Just be very still and observe them.  Raise an eyebrow, if you can.  Then watch carefully.  When they escalate, call them out on their behavior only.  Tell them to stop shrieking and yelling and that if they don’t stop you will leave the room.  Don’t even acknowledge or discuss the lies they have dumped on you.  It’s all bullshit.

Know that a Narcissist’s accusations are a pathetic attempt to project their own nastiness into you.  Don’t put it in your pocket.”

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