Psychopaths are Inconsistent and Contradictory~ by Psychopathyawareness

Just a short note. In my experience with my X, there was a few things that, over time, really stood out… this was one of them. In my case I gave him the title of, “A Walking, double-standard”. Definitely contradictory and inconsistent.  He would torment me with his views (my character was constantly under attack). He never once believed or trusted me, stood firm against me talking to ANY man. We discussed the facts surrounding where he lived (I can’t divulge specifics). I asked him one day, “What If I was living under the same circumstances?”, he said he “wouldn’t tolerate it”, and yet he expected me to be ok. It involved an x-girlfriend. Many other things were said and done on a regular basis which solidified his fitting title. He tried to play the part of the “selfless giver”, by giving things to me that would help me, or that I might like. Always within a few weeks, he just took them back… Made promises to my Mom, to help her find a tire for her car, but just never followed through. when asked about it, he made it sound like my mom had better get on “the ball”, and it wasn’t his responsibility. He was actually irritated that we needed him to follow through with his promise. What a phony.

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It’s very difficult to spot a psychopath from the beginning. Even the international expert on psychopathy, Dr. Robert Hare, admits that it often takes him up to six months to identify a psychopath. As we’ve seen from earlier posts, psychopaths are glib, superficial and excellent pathological liars. They look you in the eye and lie to your face. They make up stories on the spot, with no second thoughts and no regrets. They manipulate other people into covering for them. They put up an excellent front: the mask of sanity. Underneath that mask, lurks a dangerous psychological world, filled with deception, manipulation, sexual deviance and predatory intent. How can you tell then when you’ve been targeted by a social predator? The answer is, only time will tell.

Why? Because psychopaths are unable to be consistent over extended periods of time. In time, they will forget…

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