Normally a pers…

Normally a person shows their true colors within the first 6 mos of meeting them… In some cases, however, they’ll show you only part of WHAT they are…a little at a time, keeping you off-balance, off guard, making you more receptive to whatever bs they want to make you believe. It can take a year to really see…

Some wonder why I did things the way I did, in the end (over the top responses to contact which others might view as harmless). What you need to understand is, IT WAS THE ONLY WAY. Some people are social and psychological predators. I didn’t know this going in…but I sure know it now! The thing is, even if I was aware, I still wouldn’t have been left unscathed. These predators are persistent and conniving in nature. They are relentless in their pursuits, though I really don’t understand the driving force behind their decision to pursue ie: …I’ll say it…stalking and “in your face” attacks. When you cause THEM to be off-balance because your responses to their twisted thoughts and actions, they WILL and DO become more dangerous, in their panic-stricken state. I wish I had a hidden microphone or camera around me, to show others later.

now I’m actually hoping to bring awareness, while I continue in my own healing process…I know I’m not the only one to have been unaware of this type of person. I couldn’t have EVER made that person up. My mind isn’t “that” twisted! If you are an available “single”, remember, they come in male AND female individuals. Statistics say, one in 100 people are psychopathic/sociopathic. Other sources say, 1 in 4. The variance in statistics is due to the fact that in order to form a consistent and accurate number, you first have to develop a certain number of clinical diagnosis… The Psychopath is a rare one to agree to therapy. In doing so, they would also have to admit they are less than perfect. One red-flag statement you might hear from them…”I’m more perfect than most…”

Peace 😀


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