It can be difficult to distinguish between the ‘psychopath’ and the ‘sociopath’. Though they harbor some of the same traits, there are still some that are very distinguishable. The truth is in the behavior vs what they say. Either way, they are dangerous individuals…both psychologically and physically. Not to be coddled, attempt to be understood, or felt sorry for. Any one of these puts YOU directly in HARMS WAY! Best option…when your nervous system is smokin’…RUN LIKE THE WIND, BULLS-EYE!

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What is a Psychopath?  Is a Sociopath a Psychopath

January 25, 2012

Antisocial personality disorder is a legal/clinical label that may be applied to both psychopaths and sociopaths  (Walsh & Wu, 2008). There is some consensus that psychopathy is more of an innate phenomenon whereas sociopathy is more the result of environmental factors (poverty, exposure to violence, permissive or neglectful parenting, etc.)

Narcissistic, Antisocial, Borderline, and Histrionic Personality Disorders are clustered together and are mostly ego syn-tonic, that is to say that the individual does not  find their personality traits or behavior ‘unacceptable’. They regard everyone and everything as mere instruments of gratification. “Business’ as usual.

What is known about psychopaths is that genetically there are significant molecular differences in the brain. They may not have ‘asked’ to be the way they are, nonetheless, psychopaths are without  conscious and do not share feelings of empathy, remorse, or guilt like…

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