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Published on November 29, 2010 by Key Sun, Ph.D. in The Justice and Responsibility League

A persistent myth about psychopaths involves the belief that they are callous, emotional void criminals (particularly serial killers). The mass media (e.g., television shows, films, and books) often reinforces this inaccurate image. For example, a recent ABC program, “Secrets of Your Mind,” presented a story of an incarcerated terrifying serial killer/psychopath who was diagnosed as having brain abnormalities in regulating his emotions.

Two facts contradict the false belief. First, a number (possibly most) of psychopaths are found in managerial or power positions rather than in prison/jail .From the perspective of evolutionary biology, psychopaths flourish in society because most of them actually have the skill to avoid prison. Both criminal and managerial psychopaths are detrimental to others’ well beings. However, unlike the violent criminals who rely on physical aggression to maintain their control over individuals, managerial psychopaths are inclined…

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  1. boy, is THIS my X!!!! He isn’t a manager, but people respect him because he SAYS he was a manager in another town. He might have been. I’m tempted to try and find out. He is such a liar, all it would prove is what I already know. The monster has good work ethics, but also has an insatiable need for psychological power over others. I feel bad for those he works with. They don’t know, nor will they EVER know what they have been subjected to.

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