Something I realized a couple of months ago…in our situation, surviving insurmountable obstacles because of a psychopath, leaves us confused, wondering “why”, and trying unwavering attempts to make sense of everything. We (I can’t speak for everyone) find ourselves ruminating over our circumstances. I did, a lot. I studied, searched, questioned, remembered and questioned some more. I talked to my friends, mentioning the same stories again and again. I have/had to learn that things won’t ever completely make sense. Things probably won’t be “as they were” before the Psychopath…at least not completely. One thing that I also discovered, was that every lie my X told me…every manipulative angle…I was aware of some of them (if not all) but he was still able to effect me. He was able to make me question what I already knew to be true. He tried to convince me that I was depressed when we met…I call bs to that one too. What am I getting at? We were pummeled with everything negative. What he couldn’t change, he manipulated into a controllable state. Garbage In. I have learned that in order to start moving past our experience, we have to literally MOVE PAST IT…Garbage out. Replace the thoughts, manipulation, and torment with EVERYTHING we can find that is positive! I’m reposting this page, because I think it really expresses this. Positive affirmations pages are great. It doesn’t mean it’ll be an instant fix for us. We still need to process everything and heal…but it’ll help move us past everything. If we remain stuck, he/she is still controling us. We lose, and THEY WIN! Hard to swallow when they already took so much, isn’t it?

Paddy Warwick's INFORM

For me, whether it be relationships, family, business, sport and exercise goals, or whatever is important in one’s life – the key to success is positivity.

As the great Bruce Lee once said, “as you think, you shall become”.

“I got out of the wrong side of bed this morning”, “it’s just not my day”, these are comments that are self-defeating and in essence negative. If you flipped those on their heads as mere clichés and moved on with your day, I have no doubt that your day and the way you view your day will improve immensely.

In exercise and nutrition, as in life, it is the same. If we are in a bad state mentally, negativity and negative outcomes will undoubtedly ensue. If we start beating ourselves up every time we indulge more than normal in a restaurant or patisserie, or if we turn up to exercise in…

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