Test for Psychopathy

I thought this would be useful. I only found information about my X AFTER I was convinced that he was “a” type of monster. If someone…ANYONE had suggested this, I would have listened (I think). Please share this with any friend who is with a psychopath, and hasn’t realized it yet. Had I known they exist outside of horror movies, and tabloids I would have been more aware. I only heard of the ones that were serial killers. I had no idea the disorder(s) were so common. Until I lived through a relationship with one. When I started searching through disorders, I was only interested with one, at the time. Paranoid personality disorder. I recognized problem areas with my X in being EXTREMELY paranoid, and I was curious if there was a description about him, somewhere. The one I found was EVERYTHING about his paranoia that I witnessed. There were so many other things, that it caused me to keep looking and reading. I pay attention to how my body and psyche react to a given scenario or experience. He caused me to go almost over the edge, so to speak. If you have a friend that loves and trusts your word, please share this and hopefully will help them see what they are involved in/with. Maybe they will get out before serious damage is done. Mine is a monster. His behavior still doesn’t completely fit with the definition of a psychopath. He was so much more. check the link below.

peace to you all, today.

Test for Psychopathy.

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