Their greatest strength i…

Their greatest strength is seeing other people’s weaknesses. Their greatest weakness is not seeing other people’s strengths.

Oh, how true this is!! The fun I have had, is imagining the whirlwind of paranoia I have caused in him! He had police show up at his front door, at neighbor’s doors and I made the secrets obvious to everyone. He thinks everyone is plotting against him, normally. Imagine the turmoil NOW…especially since none of his neighbors like him (as told to me by a responding police officer). oh, by the way (we share the same landlord right now)…HE’S MOVING! haha!!

Quoted from, in their post on Jan 29, 2012

The Psychopath’s False Sense of Omnipotence



2 thoughts on “Their greatest strength i…

  1. They really do think they are untouchable until they are “touched.” It’s a nightmare for them. Karma catches up with you when you’re evil and without a conscience. 🙂

  2. It’s funny in a way… He tried to control EVERYONE around his neighborhood. He didn’t trust the guy next door because he’s a ‘liberal’. How did he know this (god-forbid he actually TALK to his neighbors)? BECAUSE OF THE SHAPE OF THE MAN’S EYES! Oh, then there’s the home full of women a few doors down. If they should have a get-together (I heard them, and they are really pretty quite), at promptly 8:30pm, he was calling the police and complaining that they were keeping him awake. He had their address memorized, he called so many times. At one time he said to me, “Ya know why this neighborhood isn’t one of ‘those’? Because I won’t let it be that way.” Wow…REALLY?? You can imagine what has been going through his head, since I called police on HIM last summer! I didn’t realize that anything continued for him. I’m loving it!! It also gives his neighbors some kind of vindication too. The veil is coming off. Exciting!

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