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Ever since the March/April issue of CFA Magazine published an article, The Financial Psychopath Next Door by Sherree DeCovny, everyone’s been talking about sociopaths and psychopaths in management.

[Update: On March 14, 2012, a Goldman Sachs executive director resigned after publishing a New York Times op-ed that said the firm’s culture is “toxic,” with managers openly talking about “ripping their clients off … sometimes over internal e-mail.”]

Charming, bright, dangerous, lying psychopaths

As DeCovny wrote: “These “financial psychopaths” generally lack empathy and interest in what other people feel or think. At the same time, they display an abundance of charm, charisma, intelligence, credentials, an unparalleled capacity for lying, fabrication, and manipulation, and a drive for thrill seeking.”

Seems she’s rung bells with a lot of people. One Wall Street therapist told her that although there’s an estimated 1 sociopath in 100 in the general population, he’d put it at four times…

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