I thought I would repost this with my comment. I KNOW this will be helpful to all of us. I needed the reminder…

“This is very true. I have learned much the same thing in my life, over the years. I look at the human mind as a muscle…it can be trained and retrained, thank god! lol! When going through a traumatic event (like myself, having dealt directly with a psychopath), Ruminating over the past can become habitual, in a sense. In my case, understanding the beast was paramount in being able to begin the healing process. I say ‘process’ because it’s on-going, and won’t be over for a long time. Part of healing, once the understanding phase has been seen through, is getting the garbage OUT! It’s such a psychologically damaging thing, hearing and witnessing all the psycho-babble from such a twisted mind, that those words, scenarios and thoughts become our own for a time. You must drown them out with positive ANYTHING…stop the garbage thoughts that aren’t yours to begin with, and replace them…LOUDLY. Yelling STOP or CHANGE in our minds will shock-train our minds into being more of who we remember…before…

I don’t see a ‘reblog’ option, but I would like to be able to do this. I believe it will be helpful for the followers of my blog, too. I did ‘ping’ this entry on one of my blog entries, recently. Quite comical that you refer to the ‘monkey’… That was my first thought in describing my x in ‘monkey see monkey do’ (https://lifebegins45.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/monkey-see-monkey-do/). Definitely fits

Thank you for this reminder

The Calm Monkey

Our monkey minds are busy, busy, busy.  Are you aware of your monkey mind?  These are incessant thoughts that often have little purpose other than to stress you out.  Is your monkey mind:

  • replaying thoughts from the past?  re-living a situation that happened over and over again? tormenting you?
  • jumping from one distracting thought to another, like ‘when will that phonecall come?, ‘he hasn’t replied to my email, that must mean….’, and ‘I never do well at these meetings’, ‘what will I make for dinner’, etc.
  • worrying about what will happen?  testing out scenarios of how something will play out?

There is certainly a time and place for our minds to think and plan, but once you’ve made up your mind about something, let it go.  Don’t keep replaying mindless thoughts if there is no benefit from doing so.

We have to be aware of our monkey mind FIRST before…

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