Aftermath Radio: Consequences for Leaving the Psychopath Part 2

Written by Dr. Robert Schug on 23 November 2011

On the next episode of Aftermath Radio, we will be joined by Dr. Jill Ricke, a licensed psychologist in private practice, who discusses more about the consequences for leaving the psychopath. Dr. Ricke contributed the following blog entry:

Making the decision to leave the psychopath is a very difficult decision to make for many reasons.  The primary reason it is so hard to leave is that you do not trust your own judgment anymore and you doubt yourself.  You cannot discuss this decision with the psychopath because they will just convince you that you will never be able to survive without them, they will bully you, insult you, threaten you and tell you that “how dare you do that, after all I have done for you, you owe me!”  The psychopath reacts to rejection with rage and gets revenge.  So, you are alone with the decision unless you have a close friend, family member, or therapist that you can discuss this with and supports you.

When you do leave them they will react with rage and attempt to get revenge.  This behavior will be an effort to manipulate you into staying.  They will lie, make empty promises, and eventually stalk you and harass you.  Technology has made it easy to do this and we refer to this as cyber stalking.  Be prepared for them to get into your emails, your cell phone, your text messages, and your facebook account.  They will be cruel and callous with no ability to be empathic or understanding, and they will call you crazy!

Listen to the podcast here:

My input: LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!! it’s just under an hour long, with Dr Jill Ricke. Amazing to me…about leaving the psychopath, what he can (and will) do as a result. Some of the tactics he will use to make YOU (Me, too) appear ‘crazy’ or ‘unstable’ to family members, friends and CO-WORKERS! Wow! Been there, done that!



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