My theory based on a blog by ‘’…

I received notice of a new blog entry by First, I recommend that you all visit this blog. It’s very insightful and informative. this particular entry is really neat. In it is a video about the study of primates and others in the animal kingdom, to see if they exhibit a level of morality, determined by their displays of empathy, fairness, compassion, etc. The video is great! you will definitely laugh. It’s done very well and is very cleverly done.

During the ‘yawning‘ study, it sparked a thought for me (as does everything else on the planet)…Franz DeWaal mentions that the fact of yawning being contagious, is actually due to empathy. the response of seeing another yawn, which causes us to yawn, activates the same areas of the brain as does empathy. I wonder if we were to test someone who exhibits traits of Narcissism or Psychopathy (or ASPD) with the ‘yawn’ test, will they in turn, feel the need to yawn too? Or will they, since they obviously lack human traits as a whole, fail to yawn in turn? This just gets curiouser and curiouser… I would love the opportunity to test this theory. I wonder if this could be used by the lay-person, to test someone for Narcissism, Psychopathy or Sociopathy. If their romantic interest  doesn’t yawn back, could it be an indicator of these anti-social “isms”? Hmmm… I might try it out on random people just to see what might develop.

Even Elephants display cooperation. chimpanzees show compassion and empathy toward their counterparts. The Narcissist and psychopath cannot. They seem to be less evolved than our animal neighbors. Truly a thought-provoking subject.

Completely off the topic…

Today at work one of the guys who works with my X came into my store for a class. He made a point to come up to me and talk with me. He said they “miss my smily face” around there. He asked how I’ve been and how I like my new position. I had great things to say, and included lots of smiles. It was refreshing for me. I hold nothing against those who work with my x. The opinions they have of me aren’t because of me. They only know what has been portrayed by the Psychopath among them. I care about every one of them and hold no animosity toward anyone there…except for the obvious individual. The monster will forever be a monster. It’s not their fault that they have been duped by him.

All in all a great day today.

4 thoughts on “My theory based on a blog by ‘’…

  1. Nice article. I like the way your mind thinks . . . sort of like wandering down an interesting path. From a study on primates to how that study would result if it were done on psychopaths. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your input and for visiting my blog :D… I’m naturally analytical, which is a breeding ground for many interesting twists. It’s what sparks a lot of self-inflicted research for me. This was a fun topic for me to consider. Feel free to drop by any time.

  2. The most important thing, I think, is that with all of our experiences that we share, more people will be aware of this type of individual in normal everyday life. I think many would attest to not knowing the Narcissist, Psychopath, etc. existed as anything other than serial killers, and in horror movies. I realize now, how foolish that type of thinking is (I was one who was foolish). With awareness comes self-protection. I’m hoping people who haven’t experienced this type of person yet, will be enlightened to recognize the red-flags. You cannot be “cordial” to them or tolerate them to avoid waves. You can’t try to understand them, or even be empathetic to their plight. To do either one of these things will put you directly in their line of fire. The hard thing…you probably won’t know who they are, until you are caught in their manipulative trap or they use you to further their con-game.

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