Extremely important rules. It’s everything I learned through experience. Wish I had these drilled into my head before I had to live the life!! Would have saved me a whole world of confusion and HELL!

Psychopath Resistance

By Dr. Martha Stout

The Sociopath Next Door


Accept that some people have no conscience; that there are evil people in this world who do not act out of concern or love for another.
Listen to your instincts — labels (professional roles) do not make a good person. Look carefully at someone who “carries” a professional label, judging whether that individual’s behavior fits what is expected of that professional role.
Practice the rule of threes — One lie or broken promise may be a misunderstanding, two lies may involve a serious mistake, three lies — the individual is not trustworthy. Stay away from that individual.
Question authority.
Suspect flattery — when someone flatters you excessively, telling you how much they appreciate you or like it when you visit or how much they enjoy your conversations.
Redefine your concept of respect — respect must be…

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  1. Yes, a great list. I think it all comes down to what Maya Angelou said (and I quote this incessantly), “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” I’m trying to remind myself of that with people.

      1. It’s funny; I heard this quote when I was watching an episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass. It was the subject of the episode based off of the quote. It had such an impact on me. Now, I quote it to so many people it’s not funny.

        The real gem is when I tell this to someone, even a seriously educated individual, and I see this dawning on their face as they grasp what it really means. It tells me that no matter how intelligent we think we are, we humans are all susceptible to seeing only what WE want to see in each other.

        Hmm…I need to write a post about this one day!

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