New home on the horizon!! Yippee!!!!

I’m almost tearing up as I’m writing this. It’s such a dream come true!

I was able to save up enough money to move from this slime-pit, stalker’s haven, and the search for a new home commenced immediately. My credit isn’t the best, which is a long story. I have one ding on my credit report in the form of a judgment from a previous landlord. Longer story, but I will say, I was 100% scammed by that particular rental company. Be that as it may, it’s still on my credit report and these days, prospective leasers demand a credit/background check along with an application… The ding from my old landlords, poses a difficulty for someone whom I am wanting to rent from. Most property management companies will say, loudly and emphatically, “Not only no, but oh HELL no!”. That was what I was starting to run into. The apartment I wanted so badly wound up denying my application. I was obviously upset and the gal said, “I can give you some advice…go onto craigslist and look there. There are several private owners, who would be more apt to ignore the slights on your credit report. You might find better luck, there.”

So I went onto craigslist. I was already searching there, anyway.

I came across a new add for another house. Rent was in my price range, and from the pictures, it appeared to be an adorable house. I called the number that was provided, and set up a showing with the owner, “Tracy”. It’s about 800 square feet, new windows, a large corner lot, and in an older but quiet neighborhood. Perfect for me!! I turned in the application to her husband’s office, who is an attorney. {gulp} He (I can’t remember his name) told me it could take about 24 hours for her to make the decision.

The next day, I received a phone call from Tracy. I forgot to fill out the other half of the application! OOPS!! lol!! We made arrangements for her to come in to the store, so I could fill out the rest of the application. She is a wonderful woman, about my age. She brought in her teen-aged daughter, who was equally adorable. I thought, “This could be in my favor…we had to meet eachother!” Hopes grew more…

I waited through the next day. Nothing. I called her the next morning and asked her to call me. Denied or accepted, I wanted to know. I told one of my managers how discouraged I was. He’s such a kind man, he knew there wasn’t anything he could say, so he just grinned at me and said, “Well, if you don’t get this one, there’s others.” He was right. I thought about how expensive being repeatedly denied could end up being. $35.00 per application. I thought I would have to stay in this slime-pit, and use the money I did have, to pay that judgment. I intend to pay that (though it’s not mine to own.) but they aren’t the priority right now. I am.

At lunch, I had a missed call from Tracy. I got nervous, thinking I was getting denied again. I called back…

“Well, looks like everything checked out!” I about screamed in her ear! We are meeting this morning to go over lease terms, etc. When they are done working on the house, I will get the keys and start moving my stuff in!

I remember back before Christmas of the year prior, 2010… I was looking for a new place, then.

My then boyfriend was stalking and tormenting me, my home, my daughter… He works right next door, and sometimes drives for his store. He would drive by, and gape over at my apartment, noticing every detail. My daughter is a friendly person, who has no problems talking to others around our home. He would call me up and tell me about all the ‘guys’ that were over at my place. He would yell at me over it. I was bullied into never talking to my neighbors, because of him. When I caught him driving by my apartment (duplex), he would drive through the complex, doing perimeter checks. He didn’t realize I saw him. By that Christmas, I was afraid. Very afraid. I was afraid of my own shadow. I wanted out of this place, and away from him.

I had saved enough, then, but life has a little way of throwing us curve-balls. My granddaughter wound up in the hospital, her dog had puppies (which required lots of my old bedding for padding), food (that my daughter couldn’t afford) etc. etc. etc. Every bit of money that I had saved up, was gone. I was stuck here, longer. Each time I was able to save a significant amount, something else would come up and zap it all away. Then there was the restraining order I had to file against him. Even though the courts paid for the filing fees, I still had the expenses associated with it. Zap, Zap, Zap… anndddd….BROKE.

Got the money again. Not touching it unless I’m handing it directly to Tracy. I can move, now. I won’t have to continuously be sure of his whereabouts when I leave for work, or just function around the duplex. I won’t have to look over my shoulder and hide. I’m so excited!!!




8 thoughts on “New home on the horizon!! Yippee!!!!

    1. Thanks, Judy 😀 I have a great feeling about this place. At this point, it could be a tent in the woods, and I would be just excited to move! lol!! This house is really cute. Older (built around the 40’s), but well maintained and upgraded. The kitchen (normally, kitchens are boring) actually has some personality. Someone built the cupboards in a half-moon shape, into the wall! What a neat idea 🙂 There isn’t a dishwasher, so I’ll have to wash my own dishes. 😦 but, since it’ll be just ME, there won’t be many to wash. There will be some time that I won’t be able to post on here. Or anywhere, for that matter. Gonna have to move my services to the new address.

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