absolutely worth reposting again…words of truth, that fit EVERY SURVIVOR OF A RELATIONSHIP WITH A PSYCHOPATH!!

Phoenix Rising

This AMAZING post has been republished with permission from the author of the Facebook page, “The Path to Peace- Recovery From Psychotic Manipulation and Abuse” (http://www.facebook.com/hercules48).



“I have something weighing heavily on my heart…two things really…Recovery is lost when we continue to see the pathological as having had any “humane” or “human” hearted qualities that involve anything more than what a predator is or does, throughout the relationship. Please pay attention to this:

He/she was, is and forever WILL BE incapable of loving you. Whatever you shared between you WAS NOT REAL. What you felt was real, whatever he/she told you, did, said, was, WAS ALL A LIE, A FACADE, A MANIPULATION, A MINDFUCK. In order to heal, you MUST understand this with your ENTIRE BEING. You MUST find a way to accept this and write it ALL OVER THE CORNERS OF YOUR MIND AND…

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  1. So basically, we, with feelings of empathy, sadness, God forBID happiness, are there so the scavengers to suck us dry of all.
    Today is week #3 for me…his LAST run…and although I am really trying to learn here, makes me not to ever get into another relationship.
    My X-husband who I was with for 25 years, did the same thing, just not as DRAStically but darn close.
    6 months after I left him, I fell into the same ole’ with someone else and into year 4.5 after I left him, I fell victim to another (childhood friend so it was easy~no impressing needed and empty spots filled.)
    Until the online Prince Charming got under my skin and stayed there, very UNwelcomed I NOW realize…, for 1.4 years.
    I read it take 1.5-2 years to find out the REAL colors of those kinds of people so I was pretty on course as far as time. 🙂
    Now…as far as MONEY~2 ER trips, money he “borrowed” and money I went through to mainTAIN is at the VERY lowest, 30 GRAND.
    The question I am trying to come to terms with is WHY, HOW, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN?

    At least I have put a NAME to what he was/is and that’s a CLUSTER B.
    No ifs ands or BUTS about HIM…….but what’s around the corner?
    AH….I have the ANSWER…..
    For starters, I HAVE to realize that at 51, I am NOW a BIG GIRL and to be treated in any OTHER way shape or form OTHER than that is IN-tolerable.
    (And RE-learn the PRE-school lesson that MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES.

    1. They are in the mix. They are the snakes in the grass, put there to trip up our BIGGER purpose. How many people have you smiled at, though you didn’t know them, and they smiled back? It lifted their spirits (and yours). We are higher-evolved human beings. The psychopath hasn’t made it past neanderthal-ism, though they have higher than normal IQ’s. It doesn’t make them something for us to attain for ourselves. NEVER compare yourself to them. You are set far above their twisted game. I’m unable to really have a relationship either. Too scarred up right now. I have a lot of work left, inside of me, to avoid becoming a target again. That means getting into EVERY hidden nook and cranny, and relearning a better way of being. My reactions can be compared to that of a co-dependent. i realize, now, that it’s an imbalanced and unjust punishment I place on myself. Its also that which abusers see as attractive. I want to change all of that, and working HARD to do so. Keep in mind, that this is a journey I started a year ago, and I’m only JUST strong enough (I think) to be in this place.

      Don’t rush your healing process. Just let it happen. But remember, you write the rules as you heal. Your body and mind decide how and when, but you learn to gain control over it. Such as recognizing what are his lies, vs what you KNOW to be the truth. You learn to stop the lie and train it away. and so-on.

      I’m here with you, every step of the way…as are many others, here.

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