Hello World…I thought this deserved it’s own post…

I remember the first day I ever heard this song playing on the radio. It wasn’t long after my exodus. One particular line in the song, well..actually, several…

“Hello world. How ya been? Good to see you, my old friend. sometimes I feel cold as steel. Broken like I’m never gonna heal. I see a little light, a little grace, a little faith unfurl. Well, Hello World.”

This was SOOO VERY IMPORTANT for me, at the time, to hear! I couldn’t put it into words very well, right now. It was like I’d been hidden from everything the world was/is. Hidden from myself. Once I finally rid myself of my Monster, I was free to see the world again for the first time. To feel the wind. Hear music again…This song was a god-send.


6 thoughts on “Hello World…I thought this deserved it’s own post…

    1. I had fought for months to get away from my X-monster. When i had finally won my freedom, I was absolutely GIDDY! I recognized that I had literally stared into the face of evil, and LIVED! I lived through a literal hell, and escaped. I used to be prone to depression, quite often. After dealing with everything I did for that year, I had the understanding that NOTHING was really THAT bad, nor would it ever be again!! All I would have to do is picture his face, and I knew I lived through it! That doesn’t mean that I was ok, just days or even weeks after getting him to leave me alone, finally. I sounded crazy, when I would recount my experiences. I spent my fair share of sleepless nights, and spontaneous anxiety attacks. I was CONSTANTLY confused, and unable to understand what I had just fought my way out of. Yet, when I would start to feel “down”, i remembered…I met hell, pure evil, and lived. Nothing was THAT bad, anymore. This song came around in the middle of all of that. I was feeling my new-found freedom, and it was rapturous, each and every day. It was like I was held prisoner in a dark, musty-smelling room. no light, No fresh air, Not able to hear music or birds chirping…nothing…for just over a year. I was trapped. Situations changed and I knew I would have to fight my way out, or stay in darkness for the rest of my life. I chose to fight. it was my only choice. This song reflects my first few days, first few steps, out of that darkness and into fresh air…sunlight…birds…the smell of grass….”Hello world, how you been? Good to see you my old friend…” I finally knew what freedom meant, though I was still a prisoner of the aftermath he created, for seemingly forever. I’m still growing, and getting past everything, but each day since the first, I could see some of myself trying to poke through the mess…even if only for an instant. I taught myself how to recognize those times, and it gave me more strength to fight the lingering lies that he drilled me with.

      Day by day, sweety! With each time you recognize anyting about how you feel, see or question what happened, you’ll start to recognize yourself again. You’ll start shining through the mire. You are already seeing daily improvements, huh? No rush. Give yourself time to process, understand what you can, and heal. It’s a lengthy process, but well worth the fight!

    1. I’ve officially put out the “all” call, for this album. My birthday is a couple of months away 🙂 New home, new stereo (it’s in the mix somewhere…I just have to buy it), AND the perfect cd?? All I would be able to say at that point is, “Wheeee!!” I’ve yet to hear the whole album. I have liked every song I’ve ever heard from them. There are voices that sound good together. this group is the first that I’ve ever heard where the voices are SO perfect together, its almost impossible to distinguish each, separately! You can hear the harmonies, but it’s difficult to distinguish where one voice ends and the other begins.

      Thank you for stopping and commenting 😀 It’s wonderful to meet you!

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