Things I’m going to miss about my apartment/duplex…


let me think about it a minute….

I know there’s SOME-thing….

Something I like about this place….

Neighbors 10 feet from my front door??


Screaming sirens 4-6 times a night??

Ummm nope…

How about the drug addicts causing problems around me??


The Jack-ass that works next door??



not a damned thing!!!!!



7 thoughts on “Things I’m going to miss about my apartment/duplex…

    1. Thank you! It already has and I’m not even ‘there’ yet! It’s just something about the neighborhood, and the house itself…maybe it’s because it’s an older neighborhood? It’s maintained its charm since the early 1900’s. It might be the noise ordinance in my lease that has me relieved?? (you would not believe what I’ve lived with the past 2 years.)

      Just something about this new house…I can’t put my finger on it.

      1. I can actually “feel” the “look” of your house and that’s my kind of style too.
        I rent a duplex and all the old charm, arched ceilings, built in china cabinets….oh the things you can do to decorate!
        Although you want to rid yourself of the old and start over new, the bestest places I’ve found are the resale shops.
        Which is an oxymoron for sure ;-> but SO worth the savings!
        I’m very excited for you girlfriend!!!

        1. I’ve learned the resale shops are great for these types of things:) Funny, I’ll go to a thrift shop, and find furniture that is newer than mine. I feel like I’ve hit the mother load! lol! My duplex is one in a series of 10, each facing the other. There is literally 3 feet from my bottom step, to the next set of duplexes, and my neighbor’s bottom step! No friggen elbow room. Couple the “clostrophobic” feel with the fact that the man who lives directly across from me is a LONELY alcoholic, and you have a very bad situation. Been here for 2 years. TIME TO GOOOO! Woo Hoo!

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