Taking a few smiles with me

I can’t say that my memories of this duplex will bring very many smiles…except of my daughter and granddaughter.

This move is going to be a little bitter-sweet.

My grandbaby came to live with us when she was 2. Due to circumstances, her great grandmother was taking care of her, having temporary custody. The woman has a tendency to be possessive…especially of the wee ones. She refused to let her be home with her mother. It was nothing that my daughter was doing that would cause someone to take custody of her daughter, from her. There was no court order…just a verbal agreement between them, that my buttercup would come home once the situation settled down for my daughter. She was ready, my grandbaby needed to be home…the other grandma refused. Just a small stretch of that history.

It was in this duplex that we spent our first holiday together…just the 3 of us. My granddaughter was 2. We wanted to take her trick-or-treating, which was only a couple of weeks after we got her home. By the time we made it to pick out a costume, most were picked through…unless she wanted to go as Batman!! Naw…I didn’t think so…


She looked adorable in her little chaps, vest, cowgirl hat and boots. Not to mention the stuffed bunny she clung to as her faithful sidekick. Of course I took a TON of pictures! I, since I have had my own, babysat a few in my day, knew what kids do… I only had to wait for just the right moment…




“Snap” 😀 “Got It!”…and I walked away with pride, as every grandmother should!

Then there are the times that my daughter was at work, and I baby sat. My little buttercup would crawl up in my lap, or sit next to me and hold my hand. Every now and then, I would get a smooch on my arm.

The stories…either the ones I would read to her, or the precious ones she would tell me…

The times that she fell asleep on my lap, or when she would pick one of the neighbor’s flowers for me (oops)! She really IS that sweet and tender hearted.

I’ll miss waking up to my sweet grandbaby.

The other day she woke up while I was packing. She asked (now 4) ‘Are you moving, Grandma?’ I said, “Yes, baby”…I saw her choke back a little when she said, “But I won’t get to see you anymore…”. About broke my heart! I assured her that I would only be across town and she will be coming to stay with me, and will have her own room! She was pretty excited about that. Tears gone… only an uncertain smile was left.

Then there’s the dog. Oh the DOG! lol!! She’s a cocker spaniel mix. Very loving and sweet, not to mention smart as a whip! She hates change. I’m already seeing her pouting. She’s sleeping on my bed as I’m writing this. She’s forced herself under my blankets on several occasions…then there are the times she would sneak up behind me, lay her head on my shoulder…and stay there.

My daughter…I love my girl! I worry about her, incessantly! She hates me for that, I think. We haven’t had the best of times, as mother and daughter should. There have been some rocky times, that’s for sure. Her birthday was on the 24th, and we had a small cake and ice-cream party for her. I tried to sing her ‘happy birthday’, but my voice has been shot the past few days (went singing karaoke the night before). The more I tried, the less my voice sounded normal…

“happy (sqeak) birthday to youOuOu…” She laughed at me. I laughed, sang even worse… it was fun 🙂

It’s still been tough at times, having her living with me the past couple of years, but I have been able to watch her mature some, take care of my granddaughter, and grow. I’m grateful for that.

I’m happy to be moving into my own home…but I’ll be missing my WHOLE family!


6 thoughts on “Taking a few smiles with me

  1. It looks like You have great family.I am so glad for You 🙂 .It is always good when You know You have someone of Your own.
    But I believe You will have lot of new fun living all by Yourself.If You ever get bored just give me a call..two heads know more then one.
    Wish You all the best in Your new life!!

  2. I think it’s a sign of a lot of love and perhaps a sign of true health that moving into a place of your own brings both joy and sorrow. Joy to be on your own and sorrow for the things you’ll miss. You’ll make new memories and these will be happy, too. Wishing the best for you!

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