Where are your dreams today?


I absolutely love how things inspire me, sometimes. This video is entitled “People are Awesome”…just an fyi.

As you watch each person doing these really cool things, most of which are very dangerous, keep in mind the very first day they decided to TRY. Para-sailing, rock climbing, skate-board stunts, and the list goes on.

I tried to put myself in their shoes on that first day. Rock climbing and SWINGING on the loop-like formations for instance. What might it have been like, standing with the gear and looking at the angles and energy it would take to be able to swing through the hole…WITHOUT hitting a wall?!  What would happen if  just one inch was miscalculated? OUCH!! Thats assuming there would be no death or hospital time.

Did each one of these people feel fear that first time? I would say a resounding YES! Maybe not at this particular time in the video, but the VERY first time they tried something like it. Most of us (i assume) would look at the distance, the height, the speed, the sudden stop at the bottom and walk away. Most would be too afraid to even try because of the potential danger and pain involved.

My natural inclination is to walk away, unscathed…

Here’s the unseen part of the video. Each one of these people began with a heart beat. They grew up with dreams of doing something spectacular. Something they loved to do. They each had a ‘dream’ they wanted to do and saw those dreams come true.

My Mom and I were talking on the phone the other day. There’s another contest coming up, but this one is worth $750 for the grand prize. I was talking to her about the dream I’ve had all of my life. I want to sing. I want to be able to do it for a living. I don’t care if I ever get famous. In fact, I’d rather not be. I told her, “Here I am, 46 years old and I’ve never taken one step toward that one thing I’ve always wanted to do…” “I’ve wasted enough time, and I’m not going to give up. It’s high-time I did this.”

There are a few factors working against me…#1 is my age. Most start out as 20 somethings. Young, no crows feet to contend with. #2 I’ve had severe asthma all of my life. At 12, my Doctor had me do a Pulmonary function test, and x-rays of my lungs. At 12 they were already 25% blocked with scar tissue. I’m also a smoker. Stupid, I know. COPD runs in my family. That’s probably a factor, too, at this point in my life. Yet, my dream to sing has never gone away. #3, I have to be able to work as a singer, without walking away from my job right away.

I’m doing my homework, trying to find a way to make this work. I can’t leave this world without at least trying.

What is your dream? Where does YOUR heart lay? Have you taken any steps to see those dreams come true, or are you frozen in step, like I have always been? Are you in your 20’s? 40’s, 50’s or older?? If you are in your 20’s, you have your WHOLE life ahead of you! Make it what YOU want it to be. Keep in mind that life is very short. It goes faster as you get older. Don’t waste your life just plugging away. Take a chance and see where it leads you. You might be amazed with what you are capable of. Are you middle aged or even Seniors? Have you tried to see your dreams come true? It’s never too late to take that first step. Did you want to learn to paint? Run a marathon? I’m reminded of  Diana Nyad who has tried to swim from Florida to Cuba: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/19/diana-nyad-cuba-swim_n_1807181.html She is 62. I know very few 20 year olds or teenagers who would be even ABLE to try! Most wouldn’t be able to make it more than a mile or 2. “Nyad had made 27.7 miles and was taking advantage of “ideal conditions” with calm seas and little wind.” 27.7 MILES! She didn’t make it to her destination, but I’m still very happy for her! She beat me hands down! I can’t even run more than a couple of blocks 🙂

What can you do? What do you dream of trying, “some day”? I was haunted with the thought, “I don’t want to find myself on my death bed one day, knowing I didn’t even try…”.

No I’m not dying…but I know with my health issues, time is of the essence. Things can change in the blink of an eye. I don’t have the time to waste anymore.




4 thoughts on “Where are your dreams today?

  1. vicariousrising

    My husband is 43 and earlier this month he swam 25 miles in an open water swim. He won the race. Two years ago, the 10 mile nearly busted his shoulder. It’s never too late.

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