Wonderful articles..http://covertabuse.com/

Some days I have wonderful luck finding some wonderful articles! Isn’t that wonderful 🙂

Seriously though, the author’s name is  Demian E Yumei. She has a series of articles about feigning (such as feigning fear, such as a psychopath does), and others regarding covert abuse. They are eye-opening and well written. Also, in these articles she gives open permission for other’s to share them. I recommend reading these and other articles she has.

Only those who have lived this type of abuse, are able to understand enough to put the torment and methodology of these predators from a victim’s view-point, so eloquently!



I can see what I endured with a Psychopathic boyfriend, in her articles. They are very true to point! I hope you find her blog useful…


3 thoughts on “Wonderful articles..http://covertabuse.com/

    1. Take a deep breath when you do, Judy… I can definitely relate to her posts. It’s easy to get lost in them. Again, it’s as if someone was watching my own experience, and then writing about ME! I know that these are her own stories, experiences, and everything…but still it’s so similar..

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