My experience with a Cyberpath

I’ve mentioned this experience before, however I thought I should go into the subject a little more. describes a Cyberpath as:

“Cyberpaths was originally used to describe how electronics work in computer systems.

Colloquially, a cyberpath is defined as an individual with a pathological disorder who has access to the internet and uses the internet as a medium for acting out his or her pathology.  Another definition is that a cyberpath has come to mean a psychopath who uses the internet to find, stalk, and exploit others either online or in real life.”

In this definition alone, I choose to label my X as a Cyberpath. A Cyberpath is generally understood to be an individual who torments someone online. Most never seek out a face-to-face meeting with their target, though the damage they cause is very real.

Ours was never an online relationship. I didn’t meet him through a dating site, or any other networking entity. I met mine at work. The only online part of our seemingly normal interaction was through emails.

Very early in our relationship, it may have even been the first night I had dinner at his house, he and I were talking about his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend (He calls his 3 1/2 year relationship with his girlfriend prior to me, a “relationship of convenience”) and he referred to each of them as “cheaters” in the relationship. I tried to reassure him that I wasn’t a cheater and he didn’t need to worry about that with me. His response? “That remains to be seen“.

Most of you are probably screaming inside over that statement from him… DANGER, RED FLAG, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! My psyche did too, at the time. But as I am so known to do, I rationalized it and decided to give it more time. “He’ll get to know me and it’ll be ok. He’ll see that I’m a faithful person”.

I couldn’t have been more wrong…

This was such an integral part of our relationship, it’s going to be difficult to summarize. I’ll do my best. I’ll  have to continue this a little later. More to come…




6 thoughts on “My experience with a Cyberpath

    1. That is exactly what kept me in the relationship so long. I spent a lot of time in the beginning, “rationalizing”. From then on I stayed because I felt trapped and scared to walk away. I hope I’ve learned my lesson!

  1. weareonebyruth

    The book mentioned by Judy totally changed my attitude about my own fear. I started paying attention to it instead of calling myself chicken. I think I need to read it again, its been awhile. Stories of real life hurts come slowly in small pieces. My counselor encouraged me to take baby steps….little tiny ones to give myself time to absorb and process events. Easier to acknowledge Red flags after an event.

  2. I didn’t even know there was an enpsychopedia. 😛

    The internet is an easy path for crazy people to unleash their insanity. And then run into a corner and giggle their evil-selves silly. Children with a toy they don’t really understand how to use. So they bash people on the head with it instead.

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