This is what Empathy, compassion and humanity LOOKS like


I have no idea when this photo was taken, who took it or what the scene was before this man found himself in the ER. I don’t know if this member of the KKK was actually a psychopath (I tend to believe, yes), or just someone who was a product of environment. Bigotry is alive today, because of generational growth. Nothing more. What the members of this man’s “club” did, was cruel, heartless, inhumane, and completely inexcusable.

The crimes of the KKK were all too obvious to these physicians. They took an oath. They were able to look past the cloak and fight to help this man, in the end.

I wonder #1 if the man survived. I wonder #2 if he received an epiphany as a result.

This group of physicians are bigger and better than me. I have a background in the medical field. If I was faced with the choice of treating my monster, or letting the world be rid of on more piece of plague, I doubt if I could help him.

I’m warmed by these folks, ignoring the obvious in order to save another person. That is true humanity and empathy.



10 thoughts on “This is what Empathy, compassion and humanity LOOKS like

  1. I like this post a lot! I was talking to my husband the other day, telling him about how I used to think about my ex dying. If he fell down the stairs in the night, would I get up and help him? Probably not. If he stopped breathing in the night, would I try to wake him up? Or call 911? Probably not. If he he didn’t come home at night would I start calling hospitals? Probably not. My husband looked at me…I wouldn’t say it was with “horror” but, he certainly was concerned with what I was saying. I tried to explain that giving EVERYTHING I had in myself to that marriage, to that man, only to be made to feel crazy and incompetent and useless every single day for 13 years, it brings up a kind of hate and anger in you that you can’t explain.

    1. My experience was drastically shorter, but I still understand that level of hate and anger. My thoughts lately have been about his new Wife. She’s duped into thinking he’s ‘normal’. That won’t last forever. Will she be bullied beyond all comprehension, and wind up killing him in his sleep? I should be ashamed to say this, and I am a little…I SURE HOPE SO! Bad, bad me…

      1. I will be sending myself flowers the day my ex dies. I will host a party. And after he’s buried I will poop on his grave.
        No way I would be able to do what these people did for the KKK man. No way. I haven’t the heart.

  2. Sometimes I wish my Ns ill. Some days, I make sure I don’t walk down stairs behind them, but I’m not sure I can condemn anyone for those feelings. What I recognize is that fact I know it’s wrong and won’t carry through is the one thing that separates me from them. They’ve hurt me deliberately. The fact I choose to not hurt them or at least try to not hurt them is really the only difference between us in the long run, as far as I can see.

    1. You are very right, Judy. My daughter’s ex-boyfriend said it in a great way, “Sometimes it’s best to keep our happy little thoughts in our head”… lol!! What we do in our thoughts is a far cry from what we do in actuality. The ability to differentiate between right and wrong, AND actually understand that it DOES matter, is what separates us from the beast. I couldn’t hurt my monster, though the day dreams I have of doing just that, are vindicating, to say the least. Does he deserve all manner of ills that could come his way? A most definite YES! Will I sink so low to make sure all manner of ills and ails befall him? And, in doing so, mirror the Narc or psych? Most definitely not. It matters what I do. I’m still human with a conscience. As much as I wish for his demise, it would never be of my own doing. I just have to find some patience that Karma will get him someday…

      1. I’m discovering that those vengeful scenarios going on in my head are a pretty good indicator I’m feeling threatened by something, and I need to take a closer look at what’s going on in life, then decide if there’s something constructive I can do about it.

        There’s also a quote I’ve seen on FB that I love: No need for revenge – Just sit back and wait…those that hurt you will eventually screw up all by themselves…and if you are lucky, God will let you watch. ~ Unknown.

  3. I’d like to have seen the expression on HIS face when he woke up as a woman! 😉

    ANYway….as far as wishing bad for the X’s, I think that for MOST of us, the thoughts are just a waste of our energy.
    We know, reallt DEEP DOWN INSIDE exACTly how we’d feel if something horrible were to happen to them.
    It’s the exact same feeling WE want to know THEY feel because they lost us but don’t have the ability to as they are empathetic~less SOB’s.
    I honestly don’t believe they have taken from ANY of us, EMPATHY.

    What MINE taught me is to be is less trusting, more on guard, unsure of myself and future decisions when it comes to men and many MANY OTHER horrible things that I strive to re-learn, if at all possible!!

    If they were to have succeeded in getting us to hope for something bad come their way, they would have left us SOUL~less which is how I describe THEM.

    1. Love the thought of the guy waking up as a woman! lol! I agree, the negative vengeful thoughts we might have, are definitely a waste of energy. I can’t help but wish something awful on the monster, but honestly..if something did happen, I wouldn’t be better for it. It would just be one less piece of scum on the planet. What is left of me after my experience would still continue to be just as it is right now. They haven’t taken away any empathy, I don’t think, but compassion for them? Good wishes and blessings? I have no compassion for the creep. I wouldn’t feel bad if he lost his job, became homeless, or even a paraplegic. My empathy would kick in if he were starving to death, though. I’m not sure why that is. Of course, all of this will probably change with time, and I won’t have quite the vengeful outlook toward him later, but for now its just the way it is. As I realize everything that has been destroyed because of him, and for absolutely NO reason, whatsoever, I can’t help but be immeasurably bitter, hateful and angry toward him. If I had done ANYTHING to excuse his behavior, I would at least be able to understand why. I wouldn’t excuse the behavior, but at least there would be some what of a reason. Fact is, there isn’t and was never a reason. I feel psychologically raped and slaughtered, and it was for no other reason but to gratify his sick need for power.

      1. Ditto to your last line especially!!

        Of course, like everyone else that has been with one of THEM, I go through different emotions everyday and sometimes 1 thru 10 within minutes!
        The one thought that causes me to really get pissed off though is~
        I will NEVER be the same (not that I was doing so GREAT pre-HIM) but I want to be as HAPPY as I was WITH HIM.
        Obviously, the HAPPY was just him “allowing” me to feel that way when he decided he needed to have me in that state so he could blind side me even worse the next time and the next time after that and after THAT but those HAPPY’s were nothing I felt much, if any, my entire life.

        But the odd part was, although he wasn’t on a gurney, I just had a dream Saturday (which I seldom do) that I was hiding in a wall (that phrase was used by him so often~”I should just crawl into a hole in a wall and stay there” and of course my reply~”Awwww….I’m so sorry you feel that way and blahblahblah”) that THAT may have been the significance of me crouching in a wall during this dream.
        I was watching his shop from across the street and the place never looked so well kept (he’s a mechanic with many NON-working vehicles sitting around) and the next thing I saw was the cops taking him out of the shop to put HIM in a squad.
        HIS hands were behind him so I’m assumming hand cuffed and I saw he was wearing his OLD glasses (his newer ones may as well be traded in for them which I am again assuming was the significance in my dream~that and or a reMINDer of how CLOSE he was to getting a new pair outta’ me! 😦

        That’s it.
        That dream made me feel uneasy for a LOT of the day. (?)
        Even though he owes $12,000 in taxes and they COULD all be paid off if he’d just sell SOME of the NON-working cars but he won’t.
        Like most of THEM, he’s WAY above the government and thinks he’s the only person that has a reason NOT to pay taxes. (?)
        And because he’s a HOARDER, he can’t(?) get rid of ANYthing!!
        (There’s a perfect example of how under his “spell” I was~I am a total OVER THE TOP perfectionist and although hoarding IS a problem for some, I’d have to guess that was more of an excuse than a REASON not to pay the IRS by selling the crap!)

        So I’m SURE, they will take him SOMEday, but the thought still makes me sad.
        (I KNOW~I am a sickeningly OVER empathetic person.)

        Work on ME is still in progress…………………..

        I KNOW I should HATE but my HEART just won’t let me……yet. (?)

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