Epiphanies from the recovery garden: triggers, karma and shady/toxic people

Epiphanies From The Recovery garden: Triggers, Karma and Shady/Toxic People

After reading Betty LaLuna’s post this morning, I had an epiphany, actually a few over the last couple of days, but there is always that ONE, that helps to make sense of all the rest for me..all picked from the “Recovery Garden”…this reference is one to which I  have implemented in my recovery as symbolism to my growing garden of epiphanies and lessons learned. When in full bloom, I “pick” from the garden and display them in a beautiful emotional vase in my new emotional home.

This post was extremely timely for me! Like a kid in a candy store of useful information…I was like, “No, I want that one…I want that one, and I want THAT one!” with my comment for her. In bring it to my own blog, I realized that it could have taken the conversation with it, which NEEDS TO BE ON HER BLOG! So… long comment taking over her page, or not, I moved it back 🙂 Getting dizzy yet? lol!


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