Time to take over…

Life is hard, especially in the wake of abuse. We can either be prisoner to it’s effects, or fight…AND I DO MEAN FIGHT! To be free from the torment.

In case you didn’t know…the torment is not our friend! The effervescent lies echoing in our head in the beginning, as well as the ones lingering later..


Get rid of the garbage. Don’t (you can decidedly shut it down) placate the negative or pay homage to it. We deserve SO much better!

We can be better today than we were yesterday. There might be something you’ve needed to say to someone that you have been afraid of…there might be something you’ve needed to do but you are afraid… The longer you wait the bigger the potential problems.

We’ll tackle this. We’ll be better for it.

The beginning of tackling a goal begins with the first step.

Breathe deep…





3 thoughts on “Time to take over…

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