Liebster award! (Thank you)

Thanks Rohan7!
Thanks Rohan7!


Thank you, Rohan7, for nominating me for this award! His blog back at is a wonderful, uplifting and insightful new work in progress. His style and wit will uplift even your ‘tough’ days 🙂 I’m grateful to have found such a nice friend…

I also want to apologize to Paula @ Paula’s Pontifications: (  who, back in March or April, nominated me for the very inspiring blogger award. I, having just started in the blogosphere, had no idea that just by being nominated, I had been given the award. I awaited word of who was ‘chosen’ to receive it and thought it had been given to someone else! I will address that one on Monday… 😀

Now…the rules…!

  • Display the award logo on your blog…Check!
  • Link back to the person nominating you
  • Answer the three questions, or make up 3 yourself!
  • Pass the award onto 3 other newbies (200 followers or less, or started the blog this year) bloggers and link to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by pingback.

Rohan chose 3 cool questions to answer. I like the question about dreams for the first one..

1) Dreams: This alone could spark a day’s writing, but I’ll try to keep it short… When I hear the word, “dreams” I don’t think of the sub-conscious induced movie we are sometimes allowed during our 7-9 hours of blissful, recharging slumber time. I think of those things we all want to do, deep to our core. What we are meant to do. It’s those things that, if you are low in self-esteem or confidence, will remain on the back burner until a later date, when you realize just how much time you have left to accomplish them. I believe our dreams aren’t there to torment us into seeing what we CAN’T do, but a challenge to accomplish them! What a life-changing, heart-changing venture! Don’t cheat yourself into believing you weren’t meant to see your dreams come true. You win every battle, every dream, anything that might better yourself or your circumstance, by taking that first step.

2) This one I am making up, myself… “What is your favorite animal?” I actually have 2 favorites. One I’m familiar with, and one I want to meet. Dogs are my favorite. I have found a new love for Boxers. They are lovey snuggely people pleasers, who love the family they are with, love to be part of that family, and are wonderful protectors. Extremely smart, and hysterical! Especially at 3am when they have to go potty…by the way, they don’t blink (I’ve never seen it, anyway!)! Dolphins are the ones I would like to meet. When watching them, they are able to conjure up such wonderful peace in my heart. When I watch a documentary or see a picture, it feels like I’m seeing a best friend I’ve never met.

3) “If you had the chance to go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?” I have always wanted to see Rome. Since I was a child, I loved the architecture and the history. I loved the mythological creatures and the Roman’s deities. It would be neat to see. Just the optical illusions they intentionally used in that architecture is astounding…


Now to pass this award on to 3 wonderful bloggers:

1) The Ability To Love~Recovery From Psychopathic AbuseA great blog about healing from abuse. In this blog she brings out the hard points of healing…our OWN role! The things that we know but won’t face. Our part that we played in being a target and so on… wonderful! (

2) The Project: Me by JudyJudy writes in her blog about overcoming the affects of Narcissist abuse in the home. She is also a newly published author. Judy has become a wonderful friend to me and very inspirational and instrumental in my own healing process…

3)  projectwhitespace.comI don’t know how many followers she has, or how long she’s been if this nomination is outside the guidlines, SUE ME! Ha! This blog is about so many things, but with one common overtone…INSPIRATION! In it, she encourages you to tackle the hard things (running a marathon) and gives you the tools to work (yoga). A great breath of fresh air!

Thanks to all of you who have been here. You are ALL inspirational to me and instrumental in my life. I am blessed to have met each and every one of you, here. My biggest wish is to meet someday for coffee, or any fattening no-no’s we can think of, and spend the day together. I know that many are thousands of miles away, and some 1/2 way across the globe. Here, we are close and walking together.




2 thoughts on “Liebster award! (Thank you)

  1. rohan7things

    I was the same with my first nomination, I had no idea what was going on lol!

    The award is well deserved 🙂 Take care!


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