receiving the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”..Thank you, Paula! (Better late than never, eh?? lol!)


Back in March, Paula (from was sweet enough to nominate me for this award. I had never been nominated before and thought there would be sort of a competition within the hierarchy to choose a final winner. I had no idea that by being nominated for an award, meant that I actually received it! ha 🙂 So… Thank you, Paula! This really is a wonderful award, and I appreciate it (and you) very much!

When I started this blog, I was in need of further healing from the relationship I had just escaped from. I had a couple of goals that I wanted to see…#1) continue in that healing, and #2) recognizing that I surely wasn’t the only one in that (this) place, I wanted to help anyone else in the same position to understand that they weren’t alone and help them with whatever questions or overwhelming whirlwind they were going through. I do hope I have been a hug and a warm place for them. Thank you, Paula, for being a great encouraging force and inspiration to me.

I need to share 7 unknown things about myself. This one might be tough, but I’ll do my best…

1. Paula actually brought this one up in her blog 🙂  …please forgive me, Paula, I just HAVE to say this! lol!! I hate chickens ;)… A number of years ago I worked at a feed store. Since I love animals so much, my boss thought it would be a great thing to put me in charge of caring for the throngs of day-old hatchling chicks, of various varieties. I thought it would be wonderful and I started my duties with anticipation and excitement. We also took care of turkey chicks, a type of  TINY partridge, as well as day-old ducklings. My favorite type is Indian Runners. It didn’t take me long to get tired of cleaning the pens, having to put down those chicks that had been pecked beyond the point of saving, though those fuzzy little creatures WERE adorable! I still remember the smell…not pretty. They are cruel beyond belief, to other chicks, to the point of killing eachother. That, I never got used to.

2. When I was 8 years old, I loved learning everything. I was also extremely analytical and was full of ideas. This was in the early 70’s. I actually came up with an idea for laser disks (a type of CD). I was learning about molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons, ions and the positive and negative polarities of each. I also knew about magnetics. I had an idea (never tried or proved) that by manipulating the polarities down to a molecular level, there should be no reason that we can’t walk through walls. Yes, 8 years old. I was a strange child.

3. My birth father (sperm-donor) was a sociopath. I thank God every day that he has never been in my life, and that my step dad agreed to a legal name change for my brother and I, so my real dad couldn’t find us.

4. I absolutely LOVE spinach! Cooked or raw, it’s like candy to me

5. I’ve actually made people sick with my cooking. Rosemary is a wonderful addition to many dishes, but if you use too much, it has adverse affects.

6. I have made home-made mayonnaise. 95% oil. It’s MUCH easier if you have a stand-alone mixer.

7. My perfect home will have a lilac tree and rhubarb growing in the yard. Now…all I need is rhubarb!

Another part of my responsibilities is to nominate 6 bloggers for this award. This one will be a toughy! I appreciate each and every one of my readers’ blogs, as well as the ones I follow. I encourage you to check out their blogs! Absolutely wonderful!!







Each one of these blogs are a lot of fun to read. Please visit them and make them part of your reading list 😀


8 thoughts on “receiving the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”..Thank you, Paula! (Better late than never, eh?? lol!)

  1. Congratulations!

    I also hate chickens. There’s a reason it’s called a pecking order. God made them to be eaten. What other animal do you eat before and after they’re born?

    How do you set up the snow on your blog? I know it’s a WordPress thing but don’t know how it’s done… I suppose I could go exploring…

      1. I found it!! lol! On the dashboard, under general settings, beneath the timezone settings, all the way down to the bottom, there is a box that you check and you’ll get the snow effect. It’s just above the ‘save changes’ button. Hopefully this will let you change it.

    1. Judy, to be honest I don’t remember how I set it up. I actually forgot that I did last year and it just “showed up” again, today :D. I set it up with a completely different layout than I have now. I think it’s in the settings/appearance section somewhere. I’ll have to look at it again and see. I think you should be able to set it up with any layout.

    1. OOhhh that sounds delicious! I’ve (obviously) never had cheese and spinach pie before. I would much rather have spinach instead of lettuce on sandwiches, hamburgers and such. I’ve also been known to buy a big bag of baby spinach and literally eat it like a bag of popcorn :D…which, by the way, today is grocery day… Yippee!!

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