Being a man of substance

I remember hearing that phrase while growing up. It was always used with the understanding that being “of substance” generally meant “successful”, “classy” and so on. Being a man (or woman) of substance meant to be and act like one from the upper echelons of society. I’ve learned something different, which is my understanding. What I’ve learned about the pre-conceived ideal of “substance” is, it usually is met with shallowness and haughtiness. Not of “substance” at all…rather a LACK of true substance. All is done for face value, with the desire to succeed and be noticed.

The last couple of weeks has definitely opened my eyes to the RIGHTFUL definition of “substance”. One is phony, the other is real and cannot truly be faked for “face value”.

Perhaps this is due to my experience with the Monster, as well as my own natural level of empathy. I don’t know, but I think this is something we all should strive for in our own lives.

Being a person of substance is showing consideration for others, first and foremost! It doesn’t mean faking it to get what one wants. It means understanding others’ shortcomings and helping where ever possible. It means putting yourself LAST on occasion for a friend, partner, co-worker or even someone you don’t know. How hard is it to take the brush and help clear a car of snow? How hard is it to make one extra pie for someone who needs their day brightened?

Substance means that you are one that someone can count on to support and build them UP! Not tear down to make them look smaller than you, to others. It means showing empathy toward grieving people, without judgment or ridicule.

It means being compassionate and caring. It means being HUMAN, in all of its wonderfulness.

Don’t get me wrong, people come from all walks of life. The thought of going to a bar, for some, is absolute TABU. That’s a personal preference, which I understand. I just happen to be ok with going once in a while. But to live that life while playing “compassionate” and “caring” for the cameras, is nothing short of sickening. Oprah comes to mind, here. I can’t pretend to know that woman, her life off camera, or anything about what she does in secret. Granted, she has done some amazing things for others…but was it REALLY for “others”? The way to determine the heart behind the acts, is the CAMERA and the BRAGGING…but whatever. Even the bible says that charity should be done in secret. “Don’t let your right hand know what the other is doing…”. Ok, that’s a tangent I didn’t intend on touching.

Please, please, please… be real. Be a REAL friend. Be a REAL lover of people. Be a REAL lover of yourself, which shows in your compassion and consideration for others. But be so, in a balanced way. We all know what being a martyr is like. Not nice or fun. It’s like putting ourselves on someones chopping block, to be examined with a tooth-pick. However, if you can make someone else’s day brighter in some way…what is stopping you?

I wish everyone a great day and a wonderful enhancing NEW YEAR! 😀


9 thoughts on “Being a man of substance

  1. It reminds me of Louis L’Amour who always considered it the highest compliment if you were “someone to ride the river with.” It didn’t mean being perfect. It meant sticking to it no matter how rough it got. I wanted to become that. Still working on it. I like this idea of being of substance.

    1. That’s exactly right, Judy. We will never achieve perfection, though we still strive to become more perfect in our imperfections. That’s what sets us aside from the Narcissists and Psychopaths. They believe they are already perfect, and meant only to scheme and connive in order to point out everyone else’s imperfections. We are beautiful human beings. They are fact-similes there-of. pseudo-human. Phony’s. These days they shine like the beacons of darkness that they ARE to us. We see them as clearly as the morning sun in summer. Thank GOD! ;D

  2. weareonebyruth

    I like you definition of being of substance, being authentic, real, worth knowing. Setting goals for the New Year i am keeping this in mind.

    1. Me too, Ruth. That’s one of the wonderful things about being real. We make mistakes while striving to become better human beings. We falter on occasion. That’s what makes us so uniquely human, as we can always (as we continue to do) learn new ways of being. New lessons. It’s a great thing, really, no matter how difficult it can be.

  3. People always says being a ‘person of substance’ means being someone in the high ranks of society. I think it’s not. It’s having an outlook and philosophy that, no matter what happens, you’re sticking up for it because that’s the foundation of what you firmly believe in. I like your article, it speaks of substance – what it’s really like, what it must be. Life is breathed freely into our souls by the great Giver, we shouldn’t live it with pretense, we shouldn’t live it in accordance to what the prying eyes of society expect us to do. We all are free spirits to start with. Thank you for the wonderful article. 🙂

    1. Hi Andrea 🙂 thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog! I never liked society’s definition of having substance. It’s something that is entirely superficial, according to status. As if having money or a position of notability is automatically a definition of “good” or “bad” in a person, only by how a person appears without proving substance of character. Thanks again for your comment!!

  4. You can only be a man/woman of substance not a person of substance, a person is a legal fiction and has no substance.

    “The word “person” is a very general word and can be limited by the statutory rule of construction “noscitur a sociis.” The rule of noscitur a sociis teaches that the meaning of a word in a statute may be determined by reference to its association with other words or phrases. 2A C. Sands, Sutherland’s Statutes and Statutory Construction SS 47.16 (4th ed. 1973); cf. Lenhoff v. Birch Bay Real Estate, Inc., 22 Wn. App. 70, 79, 587 P.2d 1087 (1978).

    In light of the context, the word “person” should be interpreted to mean “corporation or company” (See 73 C.J.S. Property sec. 10, 63A Am Jur 2d Property sec. 2).

    The meaning of doubtful words may be determined by reference to their relationship with other associated words; Shurgard v. State, 40 Wash. App. 721, 700 P2d 1176 (1985), City of Mercer Island v. Kaltenbach, (Wash. 1962), 371 P2d 1009; 2A N. Singer, Statutory Construction SS 47.16 (4th ed. 1984).

    To properly construe the term “person”, we must look to statutes in pari materia, Kucher v. Pierce County, 24 Wash. App. 281, 600 P2d 683 (1979);

    The “ejusdem generis” rule requires that general terms appearing in a statute in connection with specific terms are to be given meaning and effect to the extent that the general terms suggest items similar to those designated by the specific terms. In short, specific terms modify or restrict the application of general terms where both are used in sequence. King County Water Dist. 68 v. Tax Comm’n, 58 Wn.2d 282 244 (1951).

    Under the rule of ejusdem generis, specific words modify and restrict interpretation of general words. Dean v. McFarland, 81 Wash. 2d 215, 221; 500 P2d 1244 (1972).

    The meaning of the general words, “includes every natural person, firm, co partnership, corporation, association, or organisation.” are restricted by the specific word “corporation”. “corporation” is defined in:

    Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, Page 409:
    “CORPORATION. An artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state or nation. …”

    See also:

    BLACKS 6th which defines Corporation as:
    “Corporation. An Artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of a state. An association of persons created by statute as a legal entity. The law treats the corporation itself as a person which can sue and be sued…”

    *The Law Dictionary Featuring Black’s Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed.

    *What is MAN?
    A human being. A person of the male sex. A male of the human species above the age of puberty. In feudal law. A vassal; a tenant or feudatory. The Anglo-Saxon relation of lord and man was originally purely personal, and founded on mutual contract. 1 Spence, Ch. 37.

    What is PERSON? A man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes. 1 Bouv. Inst. no. 137. A human being considered as capable of having rights and of being charged with duties; while a “thing” is the object over which rights may be exercised.

    *What is NATURAL PERSON?
    A human being, naturally born, versus a legally generated juridical person.

    Entity, as a firm, that is not a single natural person, as a human being, authorized by law with duties and rights, recognized as a legal authority having a distinct identity, a legal personality. Also known as artificial person, juridical entity, juristic person, or legal person. Also refer to body corporate.

    *What is INDIVIDUAL?
    As a noun, this term denotes a single person as distinguished from a group or class, and also, very commonly, a private or natural person as distinguished from a partnership, corporation, or association ; but it is said that this restrictive signi- fication is not necessarily inherent in tbe word, and that it may, in proper cases, include artificial persons. See Bank of U. S. v. State, 12 Smedes & M. (Miss.) 400; State v. Bell Telephone Co.. 30 Ohio St. 310, 38 Am. Rep. 583; Pennsylvania it. Co. v. Canal Com’rs, 21 Pa. 20. As an adjective, “individual” means pertaining or belonging to, or characteristic of, one single person, either in opposition to a firm, association, or corporation, or considered in his relation thereto.

    Persons created and devised by human laws for the purposes of society and government, as distinguished from natural persons. Corporations are examples of artificial persons. 1 HI. Comm. 123. Chapman v. Brewer, 43 Neb. 800, 02 N. W. 320, 47 Am. St. Rep. 770 ; Smith v. Trust Co., 4 Ala. 508

    If you look up Human in a Law dictionary’s you find……. In Balantine’s Self Pronouncing Law Dictionary, 1948, page 389, Human Being is defined as “See Monster.”

    On page 540 of this same Law Dictionary, Monster is defined as “a human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal.”…..

    In Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, 1988, pages 879-880, a Monster is defined as “a person so cruel, wicked, depraved, etc., as to horrify others”……….

    From the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, 2nd Edition, page 901, Human Being is defined as a “Natural man: unenlightened or unregenerate,”

    and on page 1461, Unregenerate means “not regenerate; unrepentant; an unregenerate sinner; not convinced by or unconverted to a particular religion; wicked, sinful, dissolute.”………..

    In Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, 1988, page 657, Humanitarianism is defined as “the doctrine that humankind may become perfect without divine aid.”……….

    In Colliers New Dictionary of the English Language, 1928, Humanitarian is defined as “a philanthropist; an anti-Trinitarian who rejects the doctrine of Christ’s divinity; a perfectionist.” …………..

    And in the Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, 1990, page 653, Humanism is defined as “any system or mode of thought or action in which human interests, values and dignity predominate, especially an ethical theory that often rejects the importance of a belief in God.” …………..

    Therefore, when anyone calls him or herself a ‘human being’, or a ‘humanitarian,’ they are saying (according to every definition of these words, and according to the law, “I’m an animal; I’m a monster; I’m not saved; I’m unrepentant; I’m an unregenerate sinner; I’m not converted; I’m wicked, sinful, and dissolute; I’m cruel, depraved, unenlightened; and I reject Christ’s divinity and the importance of a belief in God” from this is you can see why God has on respect for persons, and commands us to do likewise.

    KJV: But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats? Do not they blaspheme that worthy name by the which ye are called? If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well: But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.” (James 2: 1-9 KJV), also: Acts 10:34, (Leviticus 19: 15 KJV), (Deuteronomy 16: 19 KJV), (Proverbs 24: 23 KJV), (I Peter 1: 17 KJV),

    The scriptures again for noting your not a person deuteronomy 1:17 10:17 2 Samuel 14:14 Matthew 22:16 Acts 10:34 Romans 2:11,James 2:9 is reason why i cannot associate with or be called a person which is the focal word used to classify you as godless animals in bed with the dead.

    1. I won’t argue for or against any particular point you have made here. My stance in my personal blog is that all are human, according to biological make-up. Regardless, for you to call any survivor an “animal”, using various means or quotes, simply vilifies the fact that the wicked exists. You, sir, are a troll. Stay off my blog

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