To fall doesn’t mean to fail

For those of us who are retraining our unhealthy and negative conditioning…

This is meant as an encouragement for myself, and every other survivor who is in this place. This man is attempting feats that are very difficult. He falls several times, gets discouraged and beaten up by the concrete. I imagine that the front tire has also “dinged” him on occasion! lol! What does do when he falls?

He gets back up!

Yes, he falls several times in this video, but if you compare the beginning to the end, you’ll also notice that his skills become STRONGER! He gets better and better, more able to do the difficult moves than before.

What does this mean to the rest of us? Many of us are in the place of re-learning how to live! All we’ve known in our lives is unhealthy boundaries. Unhealthy self-views. Defeated thought patterns, and giving up too easy. Our goal in all of this is to first, recognize those weaknesses we have always had, which are such a beacon to a Psychopath, and then set out to RETRAIN ourselves, our thoughts and our conditioning. It is truly a hard thing to do. We’ll fall…A LOT…but we’ll grow. We’ll get better and better with every step we take, that is opposite from our conditioning; our comfort zone.




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