Another search term or phrase, and my response..In short…NO CONTACT! EXPOSE!

when will the psychopath leave me alone 1
why narcissist psychopath wont leave me alone? 1

My answer to this, though it might sound harsh…WHEN YOU STOP PLACATING HIM! Why won’t he leave you alone? You haven’t exposed him and made it perfectly clear that you want NO contact.

You need to recognize the gravity of the situation you are allowing yourself to be in. The psychopath is DANGEROUS! Some aren’t physically dangerous (or they just haven’t showed that side of them, yet), but most definitely psychologically dangerous! Their smear campaigns and con-games against you and others, are what is dangerous! The control they have over you, isolation and brainwashing, is what makes them dangerous. The fact that you will NEVER find a limit to what they are capable of (under the realm of humanity) is what makes them dangerous. When you realize this to your core, you will accept the fact that this person is NOT one you want around you, your home, your children or anything else.

Make yourself unmistakably CLEAR! NO CONTACT! No explanations, no more arguments, no more placating the monster, hoping you can nicely get it through his head.

Expose him, which is giving him/her exactly that which he fears most! He’ll run the other way, and (never underestimate his potential) leave you alone… Keep in mind, however, that all retaliate in some way. Have a game-plan in place. Understand that some can be physically dangerous at this point. Get a restraining order! Enlist the assistance of police, once it’s in place…IE: public exposure.

I hope this helps. I understand the fear involved when making this decision. There will come a time that the gravity of the situation you are in, as well as the danger, will cause you to want to run. You won’t be able to deny it, anymore. Some don’t get a second chance. Many die.

Don’t let yourself be one of them.


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