I can’t really say that I’m out of the latest spiral, but I can say that with every one I have had, something surprising has always come out of it. It’s usually in the form of an epiphany or something strengthening for my journey. A new revelation that will make the rest of my travels that much easier. This past weekend was met with much sadness surrounding myself, my best friend and her family. Included in that are a few dogs and cats. I was asked to take one dog into my home. I’ve been wishing I had a dog, lately. I’ve always loved dogs, and have always been more at peace with one in my life, but the way my living situation is, it’s really not fair to any dog to bring them into my home. I work full time which means that the dog in my life will spend a lot of time alone. Yet, I was asked if I could. This particular dog and I have been acquainted over the years. I’ve done my fair share of exhausting ball throwing for this guy. Now, he needed me to love him as part of my own family.

021713110113Fair or not, I’m going to give this a shot. He’s a high energy breed…an Australian Shepherd. He also has a lot of anxiety about separation or the potential of it. He’s scared to death of car rides. Now, he’s lost the only Mamma he’s ever known. I’m worried for him, yet I think he’ll be ok. I know he’s a God-send for me.

I picked him up this morning and brought him home. Due to his anxiety and fear of cars, his introduction to the ride ahead, was less than ideal. After the trip home, we’ve been playing ball for literally hours! Just when I think he’s exhausted himself, here he comes with the ball again, dropping it in my lap or wanting to go outside for a run. It was all about him today. I was concerned that he wouldn’t eat for a few days, because of the trauma of the weekend. He’s eating just fine, but doesn’t want to let me out of his sight.

I have talked to the other family members who live in the same town I do, and they have agreed to help me with his transition, checking in on him and spending time with him while I’m at work. Tomorrow, I go back. The family members won’t be able to be here for him tomorrow, which concerns me a great deal! I can only hope for the best in the coming days. He’s always been a house dog, but has also always had someone with him.

I’ve always had a dog, throughout my life. The last 6 months have been the first time in021713152717 my life I haven’t had one. I miss the sweetness of the relationship with a dog. I miss the unconditional love they are so gifted at showing. I’ve missed having my friend with me during the hardest times. This time, I need him every bit as much as he needs me.

I think God knew. I hope he will meet us in the middle, and ease this lovely boy’s transition and anxiety.


9 thoughts on “Surprises

    1. Thank you, Ruth 😀 My biggest concern is during the day while I’m at work. I do know that high-energy dogs can become a bit destructive if allowed to be bored. The combination of that and separation anxiety could become a problem. I hope he knows how to throw his own ball!

  1. He’s beautiful! My dog was half Australian Shepherd and half Black Lab. She struggled with separation anxiety. Some of the fears I unwittingly re-enforced by trying to be comforting. I learned better ways of handling those. I hope you find the answers you need to make this the best possible experience for both of you. I miss having a dog.

    1. Thanks Judy! I do know that this will be a challenge in some ways. He’s an older dog, so I’m hoping that will help the potential situation. He shows absolutely no problems in his hips or joints, and has as much energy as a young dog. He tires kind of easily, but won’t quit. I didn’t start spoiling him or giving him extra anything, except the normal attention I would give any dog (a lot! lol!). I want him to get used to his new life, without giving him anything “more” because of his situation over the last couple of days. He needs stability more than anything, and trust.

      I understand what having a dog means. I really miss my old dog, Chewy. We had a special kind of relationship that I haven’t had with any other dog. Chewy was so tuned-in to me, he could tell if I was having problems somehow, or if he was close to having a seizure, he would plaster himself to me and not leave my side till it was over. I’m still not sure what breeds Chewy was :)…German Shepherd was somewhere in the mix…then chow, maybe Retriever or Lab, something long haired something short… Something borrowed and something blue. LOL! I swear he had Chihuahua in there somewhere! He looked like a long haired Shepherd with a Lab head. I knew his parents (oops!), and he looked nothing like either of them. Mom was black and long haired, with brown toes and eyebrows. Dad looked like a cross of Pit-bull and Chow…short hair and orange. Chewy was quite the mix. Ok..I’m off on a tangent. Oops 🙂 Have a great day!

      1. Miss B, my dog, loved her routines. Chewy sounds like quite the character. Amazing what dogs sense and know to do. So glad the new guy doesn’t have arthritis yet. Miss B started having it when she was 7. She lived to 17… better not get started on stories or nothing else will be done the rest of the day and you’ll end up with a full-length novel. 🙂

          1. I found 3. 2 with this same picture, and one with a child’s picture. A little blonde girl, and the main picture is of a play (?). This page is private. The other 2 have posts that are public. Too bad wordpress doesn’t have private email capabilities :(…

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