“Dealing With Psychological Abuse – How to Move on and Date Again”

When you’ve just emerged from an unhealthy relationship, the last thing on your mind might be the idea of dating again. Do give yourself adequate time to heal and to assess your life, rather than rushing into another relationship. If you are not used to being alone, it may feel like your best course is to hurry up and start dating a lot of new people right away, with the goal of finding a new relationship to enjoy.

However, if you don’t give yourself sufficient time to see your own part in the abusive relationship and why you stayed in it, you are more likely than not to simply attract the same sort of controlling person into your life all over again. To help you spend your transition time wisely, and prepare to move on and begin dating healthier people this time, I’ve created a virtual “tool kit” for you to use.

The components of this tool kit are these five items:

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7022407

Excellent article! Click the link to read it in it’s entirety…http://ezinearticles.com/?Dealing-With-Psychological-Abuse—How-to-Move-on-and-Date-Again&id=7022407


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