Evelyn Roberts Brooks

This is worth a post! I wanted to encourage you all to take some time at this website: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Evelyn_Roberts_Brooks .

These articles are timely for many of us who are learning the hard things about ourselves, in order to change. Those that are recognizing the need for boundaries, why they should be there and why they are not. I recommend that every seasoned survivor read each article. There is room to question some of her ideas, but not many! Worth your time, believe me!



3 thoughts on “Evelyn Roberts Brooks

  1. Hmmmm….guess what I’M doing this weekend???
    I got a LOT of reading/healing to do and this looks like a fanTAStic stepping stone to aid me in getting me from here to there.

    PLEASE Higher Power~…………………….
    …………………That’s IT……………….for now.
    “IT” knows what I’m asking even if I can’t formulate verbally.


    1. Exactly! All we need to do is take a step, with the desire for the end result as the focus. The rest will meet us in the middle, most times. there’s no rhyme or reason. It just happens, with no rules or obvious direction ahead. it happens. It is exactly what we need at the time and we recognize it when we see it. These articles on the page I listed are a wonderful place to start. don’t forget to breathe 😀

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