For those struggling with enforcing old or even new boundaries, this post by JerkBusters is a MUST read! It’s everything that we all need to believe deep down, and say to others who aren’t willing to respect us or our boundaries.


I do not accept your abuse. No, I do not deserve it.

I do not buy your backhanded apologies, non-apologies, really. No, I’m smart enough to know the difference between the crap you are trying to dish out and a real apology.

I will never accept future exploitation by you. The only reason you exploited me at all is because you deliberately deceived me in order to get what you wanted. No, I do not believe that me giving you the benefit of the doubt makes me a bad person, but I do believe your choice to abuse me reveals a great deal more about you.

I accept that this is what you are. I have since been witness of your abuse towards others as well. No, I do not believe you have changed.

I accept that I cannot love you into being a good person. No, to attempt to…

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