What a stupid dream…

Last night I had problems sleeping. It must be because I fell asleep on my couch watching NCIS…but, whatever 😀

I woke up after a dream, somewhere around 2 this morning. Nothing unusual.

On January 15, I put down the narsty coffin nails. I’ve had no desire, really, of picking them up again. I’m happy NOT smelling like an ashtray. By the way, did you know that even passing someone walking on the side of the road who is smoking, will cause the cigarette smell to come billowing into your car? Yeah, me neither..until the other day while I was doing deliveries. Lord, did I REALLY smell like THAT?!

Back to the dream…

I was on a break I think. I bummed a cigarette from someone, as well as a lighter. I couldn’t figure out how to work the lighter, as it had some sort of toggle/flip switch. Nothing I had ever seen before. I lit the cigarette (in my dream) and took a looonnnggg drag. I even tasted it! As soon as I tasted it, it dawned on me what I was doing..

I looked at the person next to me, saying, “What the hell am I DOING?!” and gave the rest of it to that person. I thought to myself, with fear in my heart, “How could I be so stupid! I’ve gone this long…what was I thinking?!”

Then I woke up.

I’m still amazed that dreams can be so realistic! Tasting something in my dream? Bizarre!

Have a wonderful weekend!


4 thoughts on “What a stupid dream…

  1. Hi: I was reading on a site last night about stopping smoking about smoke dreams. I am very inspired by your breaking the habit. I am about 2 weeks now. Haven’t even had a puff of one in two days…no more cigarettes or any nicotine products in the house. Still hard but getting easier. Think the nicotine really is out of my system. Does it get easier? I have a lot more energy. Did you experience this?

    1. it does get easier to say “no”, as the urge to smoke still crops up from time to time. sometimes on the really bad days, I’ll actually ask someone to “smoke one for me”, and walk away. For whatever reason, just that is enough to get me past the moment 🙂 It’s also good for a smile from that person. I’ve actually made it past the stressful days (you know, the ones that are worse than ever, after quitting…) without a cigarette, when normally I would give up. i remember that I don’t have to smoke anymore to make it another day, and that is all I need. I haven’t been getting sick as much as I was. 2 months being sick was enough for me. I definitely have more stamina and energy. Not to mention more time to “do” and “be”. So much time was spent smoking. I’ll be honest. There are those days that I miss it, sort of. But I have no desire to breach that line again.

      When my mom quit, she said that “halls cough-drops” and cold ice water helped her get through the tough days. I haven’t tried it but could see how it would help.

      Good luck Lilly! I know you’ve got this!

      1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed reading this. It is really helpful to me. By the way, do you know how awesome you are? Thank you for that too!

        1. I’m glad this helped you. I actually had no idea that “smoke dreams” were so common for those quitting the habit! Interesting 🙂 This would officially be my first dream. I’m proud of you! It does get easier! I’m glad, as first few days were kind of rough. I’m glad I’m the only person living in my house! lol!!

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