Very good post from JerkBusters! This is wonderful for both the new survivor and the seasoned ones, who are trying to change, grow and reaffirm boundaries. Read this, then follow her blog! Most excellent!


This TED video came up on the radar yesterday (I just discovered the TED channel recently, and I think it is SO the cat’s bum).

Anyway, in a nutshell, an 11-year-old boy in Kenya, whose family raised cattle near Nairobi National Park, had a huge problem with lions jumping their fences and attacking their animals. In observing the lions, he noted something about their behavior that called to mind a simple solution to a problem the government had already spent many millions to try to address. Check this out:

I was so proud of this boy I got goosebumps – he had so little available to him, but he leveraged what he knew about the lions in a way that not only protected his family and their cattle, but the lions as well.

So, how can we apply elements of this story in our dealings with human predators?

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