Being tested…

This is to assure you that in all of your successes to change and affirm boundaries, you will be tested for your response to challenge. I can’t promise the outcome won’t be painful, but in choosing the correct direction and step, you will find strength and pride in yourself.

Don’t quit. Don’t lose heart. Keep going.

One day at a time, one step at a time…

Breathe in, breathe out…






3 thoughts on “Being tested…

  1. weareonebyruth

    Feeling blue, breathe. I learned that I could do anything for 5 minutes. I lived a lot of years, 5 minutes at a time.

    1. You know, Ruth, I think I’m going to put that into practice. I’m learning to think things through before acting on impulse…good or bad. Especially when that impulse will affect a good amount of my life. Whether that means quantity or quality. 5 minutes. No input, only reflection. Sometimes that 5 minutes needs to be done for a few days, each time, in succession in order to be able to see the “unseen” picture. To see your part and where you might end up. I’m being extremely vague, here.

      Thank you, Ruth. 😀 You’re awesome

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