Will Dr. Love save your marriage?

I can’t tell you how tired I am, of the MANY comments I’ve had to trash (gleefully), about Dr. Love, shaheed ramadan (forgive me if I sound horrible) “the ‘spell-caster'”, and the likes of them. I woke up irritable this morning, and after winning the battle against my stupid, annoying alarm clock, opened my comments and here was, yet, another lengthy comment about another spell-caster.

i’m sure that many of you have seen these too, especially if you comment on or follow my blog. It’s slightly amusing to me that they choose to post these advertisements/testimonials directly in the comment section of my entry, “When a psychopath, narcissist, cluster-b, ASPD won’t leave…”. I don’t want to set any comments to be moderated before posting, because others might need to read what you write, even if I can’t respond right away. Nine times out of ten, it’s on this particular entry.


If you are being emotionally, psychologically or physically abused.. If you have been devalued and discarded… If you have been physically or psychologically abused by a Psychopath, Narcissist or just a flat out ASS-HOLE, why would you WANT to keep that relationship? No spell-caster, or person into demonology is going to be able to change the NATURE OF THE ABUSER!

Unfortunately, in the beginning of healing, when you are contemplating leaving the abuser and the horrible situation you are in, you might be fighting the urge to go back to him or stay. “Maybe I am just being unreasonable..” or, “It really isn’t that bad…is it?”. You are in the middle of second guessing yourself, your emotions, your anxiety and fear. This is due to the abuser’s ability and necessity to control you, your emotions, your thoughts and make you BELIEVE YOU ARE ACTUALLY CRAZY!! To some of you, just to read someone else’s words, just might vindicate you. You are probably shocked that some one else said exactly the same thing YOU ARE THINKING, RIGHT NOW! Why? Because I have been through it. Many others, who’s blogs I follow (or follow my own) have been in EXACTLY the same place, with the same thoughts that you are having. It’s an excruciatingly emotional whirlwind you are in, isn’t it? I remember being in exactly the same place, myself, all too well.

You might, in your desperation to cling to your “lost love”, try to enlist the assistance of a supposed “spell-caster”, to try to save your relationship. There are several women (especially) who, regardless of the abuse they are suffering at the hands of the perpetrator, want to have the same cloud-9 feeling that they got in the beginning of the relationship, before the abuse started.  That’s what they see when they look at the one who is, now, belittling them, hitting them, causing such anxiety and fear, and are walking on egg-shells around them, and so-forth. These “spell-casters” prey on people in these situations. They are scam artists and liars. They intend to keep you stuck in your situation so the “spell-casters” can manipulate YOU into falling for the hype. “I’ll give you what you want…for a price”. Hmmm…that is the same M.O. the psychopath uses to get you HOOKED, to begin with! Amazing, isn’t it?? Think about this.

This is the abuse cycle.. it applies in abuse of all types. If you are experiencing this, it’s a clue that you need to get AWAY FROM THE ABUSE AND ABUSER!! The cycle won’t change. The abuser won’t change, and neither will your circumstances, regardless of how much you “believe” in or “love” them.


What it fails to mention are the “Honeymoon phase” and sweet gestures that come in the middle of the cycle, which is used by the abuser to keep the ABUSED, STUCK!!

They don’t want anyone knowing what he is doing. In order to keep the secret alive, you are made to stay SILENT out of fear.

Why would you want this for yourselves? The only way to break the cycle is, to remove YOURSELF from it!


Now, to the idiots who are leaving there unwanted “testimonials” on my page: YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!! Stop helping the abuser and the scam artist, by keeping women stuck! What would happen if someone read, and believed your stupid testimonials, and wound up being killed by the abuser as a result? How would you feel, to know you HELPED KILL ANOTHER WOMAN??

Spell-caster testimonials do not belong on an abuse-help BLOG!

If you, who are professing the hype (I assume you are being told to do this, to aid the spell-caster, at his/her request. You are probably being told that it will give the “spell”, power.) This is utter BULL-SHIT!! You might actually be abused, yourself. If this is the case, talk to me. Talk to someone for help, but PLEASE stop pushing this unwanted crap in sites meant to help women OVERCOME ABUSE!!

For the rest of you, I do hope you have a blessed weekend.

Stay strong and keep MOVING!!!


7 thoughts on “Will Dr. Love save your marriage?

  1. Hi there, I have followed your blog for quite some time now, I was first attracted to it because of certain hints of similarity to something in my past. Through research I happened upon this theory that seems to have helped me to ‘sort out’ and differentiate between my ex boyfriend just being ‘a psychopath’; which always did annoy me somewhat, knowing that it was something far more sinister: ie connections with: Monarch, Illuminati and MK Ultra.. In more subtle ways perhaps, IS being practiced by these ‘psychopaths’. Having studied in depth various websites on the subject over the years, it simply had far too many similarities to his behaviour / treatment of me. I only decided to finally share my information, not too much of my experience as it is, I guess a little too personal.. Since I have not seen this angle on your blog, and know that it at least helped me ‘come to terms’ with it all ~ (to an extent anyway), that maybe it could help you or others.

    Now these two links may be of use to you, believe me when I say that they are not for the ‘light hearted’ and please do not read them on a bad day.. I would also stress that if you feel the need to edit this comment, leaving the links out, I really don’t mind, although they might help others that are in a ‘situation’ at the very least, convince them that they are ‘in a situation’.. which at times, is mostly the problem if ‘stuck’ with these types of men..

    At the Vigilant Citizen: http://vigilantcitizen.com/hidden-knowledge/origins-and-techniques-of-monarch-mind-control/

    Now, it’s as I stated, the second link is sort of ‘the worst’, that is to say more of a historical representation on the beginnings of it all, so, by all means edit it out if you feel drawn to.. http://educate-yourself.org/mc/illumformula1chap.shtml What led me to discover this track, was his ‘connection’ with ‘wizardry’ / ‘demonology’ and Freemason’s all admitted by him. Obviously what I was caught up in, was much more ‘low key’ (but not so low key, that it didn’t ‘ruin my life I’ll add…) than any link I’ve given, and for people such as yourself, I would suggest to study Monarch and MK Ultra, Illuminati for yourselves and see what it brings to light.

    Breaking the Chain: (from programming) may also help some…

    I have sooo many more links, but have tried to keep it brief for you.

    All the Very Best to you

    1. Good morning, Freestyler..

      I read and re-read your comment prior to approving and I appreciate your comment very much. I had never considered these ideas (your links) as an avenue to which a psychopath (or another disordered individual) could use to abuse or control another, though it was readily used by “scientists” and “health professionals during WWII. I wrongfully believed that, once the war was over, so was this type of programming/abuse. Yes I read each article. However, in much the same way that brainwashing is used to create “Stockholm syndrome”, I can see how one could apply the monarch type of brainwashing. Actually, this isn’t so unusual. In Colorado, for instance, the girls who were held from their teen-aged years, can attest to this type of abuse. The indoctrination is something I believe wasn’t present, as they fought to escape…though decades later. I will have to re-read the article about the Illuminati, as it was quite lengthy.

      All abuse is malicious in nature. However, the Monarch brainwashing technique is insidious. It’s cruel in every aspect…beyond cruel. It does sound as though you were a victim of that type of horrendous abuse, and I am truly very sorry!! I can’t possibly relate to the horror or pain you must still experience, as I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must be to heal from.

      I hope you have been able to find hope and strength after leaving the Monster of your past. I am thankful that you are reaching out to others, and have chosen this blog for help, as well. I have kept each link that you have shared, as I believe you aren’t the only person to have ever experienced this type of hell. This most definitely can help others!! Thanks for sharing these links, and your comment 😀

      1. Thank you for your understanding and heartfelt reply, it’s appreciated. I’ve left it a little long, as I was writing and re writing this reply, and it was becoming far to lengthy 😀

        Truth of it is, I should and will write my own story at some point and I’ll let you know. As it is far different than the links I provided, but so many similarities also. As it also may help, even one person, and it would be worth it.

        Hope and strength, well, to be honest.. Hope, yes, Strength, only ‘to a degree’ as that is what they work on all too well and once your career and your ‘future’ as you once hoped it would be, are destroyed.. it’s seemingly impossible to get back.. I was with him for only about 2 years, but now…16 years on, I can see that I may have ‘survived’ it but my life as it might have been.. is only now a dream, from time to time..

        1. Unfortunately, we are changed after enduring that type of insidious and malicious abuse. We can’t stop it, change it or get who we were (to some degree), back. However, our character is who we are…before, during and after the abuse. Once we are away from the abuser, it’s difficult to feel good in our own skin. Everything became disjointed, including our psyches. In recognizing this, we have the wherewithal to reaffirm who we have ALWAYS BEEN! You remember who you were before he came into your life. You remember how you looked at things around you, including other people. You remember your own natural inclination to be kind and caring to others. These are the things that are, now, overshadowed by anxiety and paranoia (I’m only assuming here, as you mentioned ‘strength’ is still a little shaky). You are still you, inside as well as outside 🙂

          The bumps we went through definitely did change us. For me, I looked at it as a drive to go in a different direction, entirely. I’ll try to explain.. Before my abuser (the Psychopath) came into my life, I was whimsical and overly-trusting of others. I never knew what my “calling” was, in life. I thought it was to be the most perfect mate, housewife, and mother I could be. Always self-sacrificial and always dutifully serving. After leaving the abuser, I haven’t been as whimsical. I mean, I am still fun loving and a little spontaneous with my sense of humor, but it’s dusted with a little uncertainty about others around me. It’s a balancing act, now. I believe this blog and helping other women overcome abuse, is a good thing which has come of the abuse I endured. I, now, challenge myself and my age-old fears of the unknown. I don’t know where this life will take me from here, but I know I’m on the right path. I had to settle things inside of me, first. I had to find a healthy view-point of what was left of me, the changes which are so obvious about me, and so forth. The changes, as I see them now, were necessary. I’m grateful for the changes, but the avenue to which my eyes were opened, I could most definitely have done without. Sometimes an earthquake is needed to snap us to our feet.

          Sometimes we have to let go of what we can’t change. It doesn’t mean to forget. We definitely will never forget. That means taking a step away from the confusion and pain, stepping toward a place you were meant to be all along. What are your fears? Challenge them and overcome them. It’s amazing how small those “what-if” scenarios are, when you challenge them. They whither and you win the challenge! It happens every time. This could be anything for you… We are changed. Yet, we are still US! We have been rattled and have had our cores crumbled…yet, we still have something to build from.

          A good friend of mine told me, once, “This is your chance to take those attributes you didn’t like, and change them. Throw away what you don’t like, and rebuild.” Or something like that. Basically, you were given rubble in return, after going through hell itself, with the abuser. It’s not the broken pieces that are left, that you should be seeing…rather, look at the rubble as a clean slate! Its YOUR chance to rebuild the YOU, you have always wanted. It’s not pieces or crumbs that are left… it’s a clean slate. Pick up the pieces which represent the good parts of you. The things you want to keep. Cast aside the other pieces, ie: fear, uncertainty, low self-worth, etc.. and rebuild them.

          You are, as you have always been..
          Beautiful and yes,


          1. Yes, I do remember where I was before he came along, I guess I am still what you would refer to as ‘strong’ but definitely not suffering from any ‘anxiety or paranoia’, as I said it is over 16 years ago now.

            What I meant was, I simply could not (and didn’t) get my Career back, from what was perhaps referred to as the ‘high end’ of the ‘scale’ of my industry. (Over 50 now, and no options for me to get it back.. long story)

            What I did accomplish though, was getting my daughter and I through it all in one piece. 🙂

          2. I’m sorry you have had to deal with losing your career, as a result of that slime-pit. I’m learning that, though age does play a part in whether or not we can achieve career goals, (or other goals) it doesn’t mean we absolutely cannot do some things. We may need to ‘prove’ ourselves in one way or another, to achieve any goal.

            You are still very blessed 🙂 I know of some victims/survivors of this insidious abuse, who are currently dealing with litigation abuse, over the loss of their children (abuser takes custody) or other legal issues presented by the perpetrator. You managed to get yourself and your daughter freed and away from the abuser!

            I’ll be looking forward to reading and following your story. It’s amazing how many others can relate to our experiences, and our stories are so similar, it’s astounding! Please do let me know when you begin to write it 😀

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