Combating negative self-talk

I wanted to address this topic, as I think it is a huge factor in how abuse survivors heal. It’s also major in the general populous, as negative self-talk keeps people from achieving their dreams, fighting for what they believe in and so-on. As I begin this post, I think about all aspects surrounding habitually negative, self-talk. Where it begins as children, continues throughout adolescence and on into adulthood. I believe we learn to cling to it, through conditioning, from the beginning of our lives.

It’s our own self-flogging ritual.

Negative self-talk is pure poison. It’s decrepit in it’s design, implementation and is highly toxic to individuals, as well as society as a whole. It robs us of our dignity and  self-confidence, while keeping us from thriving in an, otherwise, wonderful existence. It’s addictive, paralyzing and highly contagious for many around us, including our own children.

With all of these things, why in the world to we cling to it? It’s so very difficult to shut off the repetitive drones, going off during the calmest and quietest of times. It’s imperative for our own well-being, to fight to resolve it and overcome.