This is a test… baiting for a response. From myself to my most recent ex…

My ex heard about my blog. I told him that I help abuse survivors. He, to my knowledge, has never viewed this blog but he did use the fact that I have it, as ammo to ridicule me and berate me. I want to see if he has read it or is still, currently. If so, maybe he can benefit from it too…

Emotional abuse is one topic he knows about, directly and indirectly. As both a childhood sufferer and as an adult perpetrator. I have never labeled him, though I could most definitely assign one or two. If he reads this entry, I’ll hear about it.

Now, I label you, dear sir. No I don’t hate you, though I wish I could. Are there clinical signs and diagnoses? If there are, I have never heard about them, as pertains to you. However, I know the characteristics. Even if the psychological diagnosis isn’t there, the fact remains that the characteristics are enough to know I walked away in the nick of time. There are enough to raise the hackles on the back of my neck. There’s enough to make me walk away from you completely, without ever looking back. You did me a favor, you and your spiteful retaliatory nature. You and your anger, directed at me for NOTHING. What was I made to pay for? The fact that you needed a smoke-screen, to hide your true persona? Or was it to hide something else? The fact that you are/were emotionally unavailable, for whatever reason, caused you grief…not me. Living your life, hiding behind a lie, had to be excruciating. Normal people aren’t afraid to show themselves to the rest of the world. Normal people don’t have to create an alternate reality, to hide behind. Manipulating others around you to believe an alternate reality, a smoke-screen, is cheap entertainment at best, for you. It’s cheaper in the long-run, however, to be true to yourself and trust others to accept you, too. It costs less, both monetarily and socially, to choose to allow closeness and intimacy. But then again, there are those who are completely unable to form true human attachments. This is your actual identity.

Pro-social Sociopath…


Again, I don’t care whether or not there has been an actual diagnosis. The characteristics you show behind closed doors, away from peers and friends, is enough to raise suspicions, pointing to these very real, clinical variants. Its enough to know that you are toxic, as a whole. Not just to me, but those friends and co-workers who are at your disposal. Those who don’t realize they are being used.

Good riddance.


10 thoughts on “This is a test… baiting for a response. From myself to my most recent ex…

    1. I’m not sure why you received this either. I looked in my followers, and couldn’t find you in there, unless you followed with your email address? I haven’t written a book and don’t plan to, in the future. I welcome you, though! Hope you have had a great weekend! 🙂

  1. One of the things I have come to accept is that a “professional” diagnosis of psychopathy is almost impossible to obtain, especially in cases where the psychopath/sociopath is not incarcerated. I mean, what person without a conscience would ever step forward and let the world know or ask for such?

    They have lived their entire life without a conscience and there is nothing they could ever gain by being diagnosed as such. In fact, a diagnosis would be the last thing in the world they would want and they would do anything possible to make sure that such a label was never placed on them. Herein lies the problem. How can you diagnose someone who does not think they are sick or has no desire to get help in the first place?

    Someone with severe chest pain, dizziness, numbness, heavy breathing, excessive sweating and nausea are more than likely experiencing some level of heart problems – symptoms we all know and recognize and in such cases people step forward and get a proper “professional” diagnosis of their problem and then work to fix it.

    People without a conscience also have symptoms, but these symptoms are not as obvious to most, Truth is, they are invisible to most, especially those that are not near them on a regular basis. This includes the most educated and experienced mental health professionals. Even those who “specialize” in this specific area.

    Correct diagnosis requires facts and facts are impossible to obtain from someone with this condition because they are all pathological liars. The sooner all of us (victims and mental health professionals) realize this the more progress we can all make on this disturbing and mysterious condition and together begin to correctly diagnose those without conscience.

    Sadly, those most capable of making such a diagnosis are in fact, not the well educated mental health professional. Instead, it is those whom have experienced their behavior first hand and are educated enough to know and recognize such behaviors as psychopathic.

    Hopefully, some day this dilemma of proper diagnosis can be resolved, but until that time, those whom have experienced this horror first hand and know fully well what they are dealing with are far more qualified to use the “psychopath” label or any other label they like to define these people.

    By living with them and their abuse they have earned the right to call them anything they want to call them!!!

      1. GeneticPsycho, Thank you for this. I have actually read this article and watched a video by an actual pro-social sociopath. These are the things that helped open my eyes. It was his scheming and noticeable cyclic behaviors that caused me to realize the potential of just what I was actually dealing with. Again… Damn. Thank you for posting this article. It definitely is a great one!

    1. Rob, Thank you for the validation and for being in our corner. I have heard, read and also learned the same thing, through various posts and articles, that psychopaths/sociopaths, etc are difficult to diagnose due to their need to keep from being exposed, since they are so perfect and all (not). All we have to go on is in knowing the personality traits associated with each. The vast majority (I think) of people don’t see these traits in others, but when they do they have either been victimized by them or know someone who has. Human nature is to try to debunk that which is incomprehensible. Our frail, human minds just cannot grasp such depravity, and therefore cannot believe what exists before our very eyes. I know that was me, at least. That is, until I met one 3 years ago, and he nearly destroyed me. I’m still not the person I used to be, because of that experience. Thank you for your comment!

    2. Rob…LOVE this! You are soo right, and I’m sorry to have taken so long to respond. You have hit the nail on the head in your description of the delema behind obtaining an accurate diagnosis. I can think of only one psychopath, who welcomed the diagnosis and actually set out to be tested on his own. Of course it was to benefit himself, in doing so. This was/Is Sam Vaknin, who has used his own diagnosis (as well as a mail-order PHD) to promote himself as a savior to victims of narcissistic abuse (incl. psychopathy).

      You’re right, its the victims of these f***-tards, who have absolutely earned the right to call them whatever we wish. I just hope that all of us can refrain from lowering ourselves to the level of the Narc, and base our results on an educated observation of our experiences, and not to defame them based on our own bitterness and anger. Some are just plain old ass-holes.

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