When will things get back to “normal”?

Do you ever wonder when, or even IF life will get back to normal? I spent a few years wondering that same thing. Then I realized, “normal” is such a relative term. Emotional chaos and psychological upheaval, are both very real, when you get out of an abusive relationship. Just because he or she is out of your life, doesn’t mean it’s “over” completely. You’ll go through good days, when you are surprised how little you thought of the relationship. Other days you’ll fee like its only been hours since your world fell out from under you. The only advise I have for you on those days is, BREATHE! Take a deep breath…then another… get up and walk or call a friend. Get busy doing something. Be determined not to just breathe, but to live!!

Normal… Here’s my version of normal: Both of my kids are struggling and barely off the streets. I found a wonderful man over a year ago, who I married this past summer. His kids are only slightly more stable than my own kids. Both of our previous lives have been compiled into one major fucked up scenario. We, as well as our children, take turns with our fucked-up-ness and are no where near what the status quot would view as “normal”. All of our children feel safe with the two of us, and know they can turn to us when they need us. Financially, we’re like babies, trying to get things under control, though I can now say, “It’s a wonderful life.”

After my exodus, I day dreamed about what life would be like when I was my normal self, again. The thing is, I was forever changed because of what I lived through. I would never see that part of myself again. The part that I was comfortable with and who I thought I loved, I would never get back. It was that part of me, that I grieved for a very long time. It was also those parts I lost, that were also the reason(s) I was such an easy target. I don’t mourn those parts of me, anymore. I needed to change.

Normal for me, used to be emotional chaos even before the monster came into my life. I was always panicking when I thought someone was angry with me. I back-tracked over my words, relentlessly, to avoid any negativity from any person. I over-explained myself to the point that I looked like a child. A vulnerable child. I had no self-confidence, though I believed I had plenty. I trusted everyone, and put my own heart on the line, without a second thought. Normal… I was FAR from normal. But, that life was normal for me, regardless of how horrible it was. It was normal because it was what I was used to.

“Normal” has changed, so very much! Once upon a time, my counselor asked me what my personal morals were. I tried to answer her questions, but I was repeating my parent’s morals…I was repeating what society had taught me, throughout my life. She kept saying, “That’s THEIR morals, but what are YOUR’S?”. It took me this long to finally be able to answer the question. I feel like I’ve finally arrived! Ha! The thing is, once I was able to answer that question, I also realized that my personal morals would be what would also create my “normal” life. What I’m used to and am happy with, now.

Morals are not only what is acceptable in society. They are also what your own code of ethics, are. Normal to me, as well as what are my personal morals, is… Never lie to myself. Always be real and true to myself. (This sounds so self-centered). If I’m going to say or do it, I might as well stand behind it. That means; if it comes out of my mouth verbally or in action, I have to have the confidence to stand behind it. Don’t cower or backtrack. No excuses or lies, especially to myself.  This line of thinking and living, demands self-confidence, in order to follow through. If I have planned to accomplish something during my day off, but chose to procrastinate instead, I cannot make excuses. Making an excuse to someone else for my inaction, means I am lying to myself as well. If I procrastinated, I am honest about it, come-what-may, even if that means someone becomes angry at me, for it. I own it and most definitely earned it. That’s just an example. Society’s morals are in the mix, too. I still cling to and claim them.

The result of all of that is, I don’t live in fear of the unknown, anymore. I walk with it, now. I’m not afraid of anger so much, anymore. I’m still learning and growing, but I’m very satisfied with who I am as a person, now. I am finally living my “normal”, in all it’s failings and frailties. I can breathe deep, knowing that, though the life I’m in isn’t real stable, the life I AM, is…

What a wonderful awakening 🙂



4 thoughts on “When will things get back to “normal”?

  1. susanbotchie

    Dear Lifebegins45, these bullies are everywhere! What’s so distressing is, the Church oftentimes takes a pollyanna attitude, and uses various Scripture, which only serves to further invalidate victims. But the reality is: that same Bible warns us to get away and stay away from wicked people, for the simple reason that wicked people have a way of leading others into sinful behaviors. You’d think that preachers of the Gospel would be Biblically aware enough to know that the wicked aren’t just out getting drunk in the barrooms – that the wicked also work (???) jobs and have (in emotional hostage) spouses and children. Too often, preachers just tell you to forgive – and act like the abuse never took place. Bull-cookies! That’s not forgiveness, that’s enabling sin, for both abuser and abused. Fortunately, there are a few REAL preachers out there who know what’s going on, and study the Lord’s Word in order to help victims of abuse. Thank You for letting me post, God Bless.

    1. Thank you for your comment, susanbotchie. You are 100% correct, here. Even in the more proactive churches, they still seem to encourage abusers to keep on abusing. I was actually in one which, though it was “condemned” to abuse a child, or spouse, the pastor enjoyed putting blame for any manor of abuse, upon the woman of the house because she wasn’t being “supportive” enough of her husband. In the same church, the pastor counseled one couple who were abusing their 9 mo old baby, because this poor baby was being subjected to regular beatings on his back, causing blanket bruising to his shoulders. The pastor’s choice of counsel, which he also preached from the pulpit, “Spare the rod, spoil the child”… “There’s a reason children have padding on their rears.” He stated that he personally beat his own children with a drum stick. According to him, bruising the butt was “ok” and acceptable. It’s nice to know that there are churches out there, who are well versed, as they should be, to forgive but do not enable abuse by subjecting yourselves to it, for any reason what-so-ever.

      I appreciate your comment very much.

      Thank you

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