Goodbye. Hello

This lady is talented… Do we ever think about the “Goodbye” or “Hello” as we say it? So many meanings in each one of those words. So many emotions behind them, that can change with each time. Yet, it’s just a word… isn’t it?


I am and so I write

Today is the last day of 2015. It’s tradition to say goodbye 2015 and then say hello 2016.

But, oh how there is always a “but” in what I write. But hellos and goodbyes happen every day in our lives.

Hello for meeting new friends and meeting old friends which is really hello again. Hello to a sunrise, an unexpected adventure, a surprise, or just a casual greeting.

Goodbyes are however different. They evoke a strong emotional response. Tears. Heartaches.

– Goodbye to a beloved sister, father, brother, friend. Oh, the longing to be with them for just one more moment to say … but what can you say in a moment?
– Goodbye to being happy or goodbye to being sad. Happy times go fast while sad times drag on and on or so it seems
– Goodbye to a yesterday filled with memories even as today is a…

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One thought on “Goodbye. Hello

  1. Hello there
    Your journey was my journey too although your descriptive posts put into words what I was going through. Way back then, I wondered what I was doing in this very public WordPress but I was inspired to share my thoughts and feelings and I did. Liberating.
    I am now in a better place. Literally. Figuratively.
    So thank you

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